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BasesThe Lands, Space Valkyria 3, Space Valkyria 3 V2, King's Landing, KinoGrad Base, Kool Kids Klub, The Monastery, New Zion

SilverKrownKing is a midfag on 2b2t who was known for being a spawnfag and basing with Jacktherippa.


SilverKrownKing joined 2b2t in 2014. All he did on the server was kill players and grief bases at spawn until he came to a base called Unity made by Brotherhood of the Diamond. There, he was privately invited to a base called the Kool Kids Klub through chat. At the Kool Kids Klub, he helped construction of a gold farm by "printing obsidian" with a device known as a "String Obsidian Generator". A donation by Kinorana also helped him speed up the process. On December 20th, 2014, the gold farm was finished. Unfortunately, the base was found, leaked, and griefed as it was too close to the +X Axis Highway, leading all of its members to take as much gapples as possible and splitting up.

Afterwards, he moved to a base called New Zion. Silver also visited The Lands. During his time at New Zion, the Third Incursion was declared after the destruction of Asgard 2, and Silver was invited to the incursion. During his time at the incursion, Silver trolled and killed anyone who wasn't in the incursion and had fun doing it, but was annoyed when Sato86 made a list of players not to kill who weren't a part of the incursion. After the incursion, he joined King's Landing. Everything was at peace until iTristan accidentally leaked the coordinates while attempting to troll OreMonger, which lead to Silver and OreMonger griefing the base before anyone else had the satisfaction of griefing it for them. Most of the base members then moved to KinoGrad Base in December 2015. There, he made a chateau and another large castle known as the "Fortress City of Tyr" as a Valkyrian Embassy with Sato. In late December 2015, he and Jack tried to stop the griefing of Imperator's Base, but they were unable to prevent the base's destruction. On January 3rd, 2016, he, Fit, and Babbaj griefed Paradise Island, a spawnbase owned by players who worshipped jared, who had griefed Imperator's Base. The Imps Base drama culminated into the beginning of Nerds Inc, who griefed KGB on April 20th, 2016. Silver decided to move to The Monastery as he was basemates with Marcus4761, but later decided to temporarily move to Constantiam around mid-May 2016.[1]

The Rusher War began a month later and Silver came back on 2b2t but kept being killed by the "vets" at spawn before he could get to an echest, according to Fit.[2] In 2017, he helped Jack and many others to build Space Valkyria 3. In February 2018, screenshots of Space Valkyria 3 had been given to Llane, so he helped make an exact copy called Space Valkyria 3 V2. Because of this, the grief of Space Valkyria 3 was postponed from 2019 to February 2021.

SilverKrownKing killed more newfags then most, if not all members of the Third Incursion .


  • He griefed Yiffington 2 when DemonElite119 leaked it to him due to Demon's "personality clashes" with jared2013