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Signed Books are commonly collected items on 2b2t. Many players collect signed books from other players.

A book's value is often determined by 4 main factors.

  • The player who wrote it.
  • How old the book is.
  • How common the book is.
  • If the book is an Original, Copy of an Original, or a Copy of a Copy.

There are books of almost anything on 2b2t. There are books documenting players' stories, base histories, cooking recipes, memes, autographs, tutorials, and more. There are also books on non-2b2t related subjects, such as a book of the entire Farewell Speech of former United States President Barack Obama.


Many players have extensive libraries of books, with some even having thousands of them. Players will trade books for various items, such as other books, rare items, and sometimes even real life money. Most of these trades are organized via the 2b2t Signed Books & Collectibles Network, a Discord server that is dedicated to archiving books and other rare collectible items, as well as participation in commercial trade of these books and other various items.

Some of the more well known books on 2b2t are,

  • The Wasteland Survival Guide by rebane2001.
  • To Armorsmith by Fit. (Possibly the most common book on the server due to mass duping)
  • The several volumes of WWoT (Wise Words of T), by 24_terminator_80.
  • Beaner by jared2013.
  • Argonian Maid by hinderjd (One of the first mass-produced books on the server)
  • A Furry Massacre by IHackedWindows
  • Book 5 of 50 by SalC1

Leaderboard Of The Top 10 Book Collectors

Please note that this list is incomplete as not everyone has documented how many books they have on the server. This list comes from 2b2t signed books and collectibles Discord. Also, all books collected by these individuals are unique books, so they are different from the other books in their collection

Weaponization and Duplication

Books have also been used as weapons on 2b2t. The most famous example of this is Book Banning, as well as the 2b2t Bible, which caused many players to be disconnected from the server at once. Books were also used during the chunk dupe, as they could store large amounts of data inside of them.