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The 2nd Backdoor was the second backdoor of 2b2t that occurred in December 2013, organized by the players iTristan and Pyrobyte. It is unknown when this backdoor exactly ended or whether it was even completely separate from the later 3rd Backdoor. The hackers used the backdoor to created items, obtain player-data and teleport over the map.


According to ITristan the server's admin had been dealing with problems and publicly called for assistance from coders in the community.[1]. During 2013 iTristan came into contact with the admin, most likely through Steam groups and chats. In December 2013 iTristan and Pyrobyte developed a plugin that would remove player’s access to the Nether roof and fix an issue related to renaming items using anvils. In reality the plugin gave players the ability to turn items into ‘negative’ or infinite items, if they added ‘/0xA7 to the end of the name of an item. The plugin also allowed the two players to bypass the Nether Roof blockade if they were riding an entity. The two players also added an auto updater to the plugin, which would allow them to modify the plugin without Hausemaster knowing. This gave them the abilities to spawn in items, teleport, and change gamemode.[2]

Hacked-in items

The two players used the backdoor to create different items. Among the created items were player heads, ghast spawn eggs and stacked ‘32k’ weapons, gear, and armor.[3] Pyrobyte made a special ‘666 Sword’, which has a sharpness level of 666. These sharpness 666 swords were distributed to a few selected players, such as Sato86 and Jacktherippa. According to iTristan the backdoor was also used to spawn items with item IDs that were not in use yet. These would later turn into items such as Barrier Blocks (item ID: 166), which would not be introduced to the game until January 2015, with Java Edition 1.8. This might also be how odd textureless items such as the Alpha Snowballs (item ID: 0332) and the Textureless Iron Horse Armor (item ID: 0147) were created. This backdoor allegedly also resulted in the creation of a ‘tattered book’. This was a book that iTristan and Pyrobyte allegedly used to gain bedrock or change gamemode. Since this book is impossible to copy it is extremely rare and considered a rare item.[4] However, the player AlphaComputer, who allegedly owns these books, claims that they never existed.

It is known however that items obtained during this backdoor, such as ‘inf TNT’, Ghast spawn eggs and bedrock, were used to support the members of the 3rd Incursion in May 2015. The ghast spawn eggs created during this backdoor were used on the server to turn existing spawners into ghast spawners. This occurred for example in mid 2015 at Space Valkyria 1, where Jacktherippa used a spawn egg given by Pyrobyte.

World Border signs

On December 7th both players used this backdoor to travel to different world borders, the +X Eastern and -X Western borders. At the edge of the map they were unable to travel further. At the X+ border they left bedrock and two signs stating: 'It's the end of the world! - Pyrobyte Dec. 7 2013' and 'iTristan was here. If you see this, shit went down.' In January 2015, with Java Edition 1.8, the World Border underwent some changes. Now the entire world is surrounded by a massive ‘striped’ translucent wall. The placed signs appeared behind the wall and were now better protected than before. The signs iTristan and Pyrobyte had left behind at the Eastern Overworld World Border were discovered on March 26th 2017 by the Nether Highway Group. Years later, in January 2020, they were destroyed by the player Tru3Game_, who used a wither to destroy the signs.[5]

Other usages

Pyrobyte also used the access to place countless withers at spawn with names in which he proclaimed himself the king of 2b2t.