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 Timeline of 2b2t by Sato

Pre Minecraft server
Garry's Mod server
Age of Unrest
II Backdoor
Fall of Facepunch Republic
The Great Decay
The Old Spawn Road
2k2k creation
Imperator's Base
Age of Resurgence
Begining of Valkyria
I Spawn Incursion
II Spawn Incursion
III Backdoor
Foundation of Southern Canal
III Incursion
Creation of Vortex Coalition
IV Backdoor
Pre-Hype Period
Project Vault
Fall of Imperator's Base
Fall of Space Valkyria
Age of Hype
IV Incursion
V Incursion
Creation of Emperium
Creation of SpawnMasons
Reaching of world border
Creation of 2b2t museum
VI Incursion
VII Incursion
Automation Period
VIII Incursion
Creation of Masonic Eclipse
The Purge (IX Incursion)

Not all situations are listed here

Sato's Timeline was a series of 2b2t timelines created by Sato86, which is generally accepted by the 2b2t community. It was updated every year or so until 2020 before being discontinued following Sato quitting the server. It includes an "Age" followed by a shorter "Period." The following was the last timeline in written form:

Age of Unrest

The Age of Unrest represented on the timeline. Behind it is Camp Facepunch. The notable banners include the 4channers and Facepunchers.

The Age of Unrest was a period of time between Beta 1.2 and Beta 1.8 where 2b2t had between 50-80 rising players. The main sources of players were ads run on 4chan which sparked the 4channers or the collected Facepunchers.


  • 2b2t Begins (December)


  • Player Data Corruption (May)
  • THEJudgeHolden posts the first page of the 2b2t comic (July)
  • 2b2t Gets Backdoored (December 2011/January 2012)

The Great Server Decay

The Great Decay Period represented on the timeline. Behind it is Imperator's Base.

The Great Server Decay, or simply Great Decay, was a time in 2b2t's history where the player-base stagnated in numbers. It lasted from 2012 to 2013, and during it the average amount of players online was about 40. The period was mostly fueled by 2b2t's domain change from to, coupled along with 3 months of down time during the change. This made many players believe that 2b2t was gone for good. This period is also considered one of the most widely-agreed periods on the 2b2t timeline, as many iterations of 2b2t timelines use it and due to its objectiveness. It is often represented with a skull and was thought to have no major active groups during its inception.

During the decay, overall activity was low and not as many bases where being built and griefed as in the 2011 days. Hausemaster did a lot to try to save the server, such as hiring helpers for the server and setting up temp maps to experiment with plugins on.


Before the Great Decay, the server was experiencing a busy time in its history with lots of new bases being created and griefed, and many players joining and having conflicts with each other. This period is called the "Age of Unrest" in Sato86's timeline. All of this activity strained the server, and 2b2t had to get better hardware to run. That coupled with player disinterest and some unknown factors, made Hausemaster and Georgebush420 shut down the server for 3 months.


The end of the Great Decay is not fully agreed upon. Sato86 himself has put the end at April 29th, 2013, the founding date of Valkyria. However, this could be a biased view of it, as Sato86 is one of Valkyria's founders. If Valkyria is not counted, its end could be put around mid-2013. Many new players began joining and stayed active, many of them from a Reddit post.

Semi-Notable Events

  • The Old Spawn Road (originally named the West Road) is founded by LegitYarik, along with the early construction of The West Road Inn. It was, for a period of time, one of, if not the, longest Non-Axis roads.
  • 2k2k, the last Facepunch Republic base, is founded as a refuge for remaining republic members and later buried in a lavacast.
  • x0XP griefs The Judge's Group's 1 million base (which can also be thought to involve the decay).
  • Imperator's Base is founded.
  • First wither is spawned by Rickenman at spawn.
  • Hausemaster is caught in-game experimenting with lightning.

2012 marked the beginning of the Great Server Decay period. It was a period of time where the general player base fell due to lag spikes, Facepunchers/4channers leaving, and the IP change from .net to .org.


  • 1mil base is Griefed (February)
  • End of the Facepunc] Republic Project (February)
  • Imperator's Base is Founded (April)
  • 2k2k becomes the last home for Facepunchers (June)


Age of Resurgence

The Age of Resurgence represented on the timeline. Behind it is Wrath Outpost. The notable banners include Valkyria, Vortex Coalition, and Legion of Shenandoah.

The Age of Resurgence was a rebound in the 2b2t Playerbase and activity in general. It is commonly, but not always, associated with the founding of Valkyria due to its importance and prominence in this time period.




  • 2b2t Updates to 1.8 (January)
  • Fenrir is finished (February)
  • Asgard II is founded (March)
  • 3rd Incursion Begins (April)
  • Vortex Coalition is founded (May)
  • Aureus City is founded (May)
  • King's Landing is founded (June)
  • Last Facepunch Thread is Closed (June)

Pre-Hype Period

The Pre-Hype Period represented on the timeline. Behind it is Space Valkyria. The TNT symbolizes the many bases griefed in this time period.

This period marked the beginning of Project Vault and saw a mass decay in the player base towards the end due to the 3rd Backdoor crisis.


  • Project Vault begins (August)
  • Motherboard Article released (October)
  • Imperator's Base destroyed (December)


Age of Hype

The Age of Hype represented on the timeline. Behind it is the Valley of Wheat. Many notable groups sprung up in response to Rusher's fanbase.

The Age of Hype marked the period where the 2b2t player base saw never before seen attention after Rusher started his series on it.


  • TheCampingRusher starts his series on 2b2t (June)
  • 4th Incursion begins (June)
  • Prio/Vet Queue (July)
  • Hardware Upgrade (July)
  • Lag Machines used and abused (August)
  • End of 4th Incursion (October/November)
  • Drop Dupe (November)
  • Fifth Incursion Begins/Ends (November)
  • Emperium Founded (December)



Automation Period

The Automation Period represented on the timeline. Behind it is a great number of lavacasts.

This period is controversial in the 2b2t community and has a monotone version of 1.12.2 throughout, It is usually defined by the introduction of Baritone that has allowed large structures to be built around the server



The Composed Timeline

Sato86's latest iteration of the 2b2t timeline.