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Render of 2b2t's Spawn in 2020

2builders2tools, or "2b2t" is a Minecraft anarchy server that is also known as the world's worst Minecraft server. The server has virtually no rules, no staff, and no chat filters. The only moderation is an anti-cheat for game-breaking hacked client features, such as flight and super speed. The server is the second oldest running server in Minecraft, behind Minecraft Online. The current map has been active since December 2010, without a single reset, and it contains >8000 GB of memory. The server has been hosted in Stockholm, Sweden for most of its history. The server is now hosted somewhere in New York, according to the Admin. 2b2t offers its players a Minecraft experience which is unparalleled to any other server of the type and is like no other place in video games.

About the Wiki

Important: The fact that 2b2t is an anarchy server does not make this an anarchy wiki. Vandalism will be reverted and violaters will be banned. Please check out the rules for further information. Also, due to the convoluted history of 2b2t, some information may not be correct, unbiased, or up to date.

We, the wiki staff, work to our best efforts to put forward the best wiki we possibly can. We rely on you, the readers, the writers, to provide feedback, and to document your experiences. We are here to support you and to keep the quality of this page up. Contained within these articles are nearly 10 years of the history of the Minecraft server, 2b2t. There are a wide variety of experiences, events, and happenings cataloged here, that span all of that time. Before perusing through the various writings here, one must keep a number of things in mind, namely:

THEJudgeHolden's front page for the 2b2t Comics
  1. This is all a game, none of the events documented here matter outside of 2b2t.
  2. Even within 2b2t, a large part of the happenings recorded here are irrelevant. This is a fact not uttered with any malice behind it, but true significance is only attained when you yourself, as a player (or even as a person), don't have to build yourself up to other individuals. One does not become legendary in an internet block game through posting about their spawnfag tempbase on a wiki. The individual truly shines when they do things worth writing about. If you do not conduct yourself in that way, no one will remember your name.
  3. This represents a heavily truncated version of the server's history, which is also regrettably biased. The events indexed hereafter are all much more complicated than any mere article could begin to convey.
  4. An individual's memory does not always represent fact. Memory, after all, is an individual's perception of events, distorted, warped, and conjectured to fit into the prism in which they view the world. Not all misinformation is written to mislead.

Featured Pages

The 2b2t Timeline by Sato86

Here is a list of the current featured pages. This list is subject to periodic updates.

Timeline - A general timeline of 2b2t with over 250+ entries, it does not represent a complete picture of the server's history, but it is a useful resource for general context

Groups - a page listing all the various groups featured on this wiki

Bases - WIP


The editors and administration of this wiki are not responsible for legal consequences of viewing or sharing content hosted here, which may arise due to the presence of imagery related to totalitarian regimes and/or organizations that promote(d) such regimes.

Please note: This timeline does not represent all of 2b2t's complex history. Therefore it should just be looked at as a simplification of its history rather than its actual history.