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Sample Player Page
JoinedDate when the player joined (if the exact date is unknown, be as specific as possible)
BasesGriefed bases the player has been a member of. Where an excessive amount of bases are listed, grouping bases together that were built with a single group is encouraged e.'N bases with [Group]'
GriefsBases the player has griefed
TypeWhat the player has demonstrated themselves to commonly do on the server i.e build, grief, lead groups, dig highways, etc..
Alternative AccountsKnown alternate accounts.
CurrentGroups the players is currently a member of. Groups with no substantial participation are not required to be listed
PastGroups the player has previously been a member of. Groups with no substantial participation are not required to be listed

Name of player (use bold, only in this section) ... write a brief description of the player's activities on the server and some highlights of their history Also, a blank version of this page can be found at Sample Player Page (Blank)


History of the player and details about what they have done on the server. If the page is short, no additional subheadings are required. If the page is long, the use of additional subheadings, ordered by subject, is encouraged for the purpose of better organization. Avoid the use of years as subheadings. Standard subheadings include (but are not limited to):

Early History

Lorum_ipsum joined 2b2t on.... and did.... with .....

Membership in [Group]

Lorum_ipsum joined [Group] and built at several of their bases, such as.....

Activities at [BASE]

[Player] invited them to build at [base] and.....

External links

For any links from the page to pages outside of the 2b2t Wiki


Use references to make your article more reliable