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Sample Base Page
InhabitantsList of contributing base members
LocationThe base's coordinates. Format: x,z.
StartedWhen the base was founded. Format: M(un-abbreviated)/DD/YYYY
FinishedWhen was the base completed (rarely used) Format: M(un-abbreviated)/DD/YYYY
AbandonedWhen was the base Abandoned (only needs to be specified if the base was abandoned prior to being griefed. Format: M(un-abbreviated)/DD/YYYY
LeakerUsername(s) of known leaker(s) of the base
GriefedThe date the base was griefed (re-griefs and griefs of rebuilds do not count). Format: M(un-abbreviated)/DD/YYYY
GriefersUsername(s) of known griefer(s) of the base
World download
LinkLink to a world download of the base. If it can be found on the archive, say *Hosted on the Archive*

Name of base (use bold, only bold in this section) ... write a brief description of the base and its history Also, a blank version of this page can be found at Sample Base Page (Blank)


History of the base, details about its construction, etc. If the page is long, the use of additional subheadings, ordered by subject, is encouraged for the purpose of better organization. Standard subheadings include (but are not limited to)


Who founded the base, when, and why


Who built what at the base (does not need to list every build, but absolutely can), when, why, and how.


The sequence of events leading to the grief of the base


Pictures of the base and builds at it

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