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Joined2013, not active until Mid 2016
BasesCostco Base, Argonath, New Argonath
TypeBuilder, Youtuber
Alternative AccountsSalC2, Wikipedia, MindTap, AcctWasStole, raymond7777, PolPot, GolfTee
PastEmperium, The Guardsmen, Spawnmasons, The Last Templar

SalC1 is a well-known 2b2t YouTuber that started playing in mid-2016. He started making documentary-style videos on the server in 2016 during the Rusher invasion, and was able to access pre-Rusher priority queue due to the fact that he briefly joined from this r/Minecraft post in 2013. He sits at 700K+ subscribers on YouTube as of June 2022. His first video was uploaded on May 23, 2009, but his first Minecraft video (a tutorial on a button activated wheat farm) was uploaded on December 24, 2012.

SalC1 has made various videos on 2b2t over time, including how alpha items were made by Minecraft version changes, strange anomalies such as water in the nether, and historical information such as the lightning exploit, and many more. SalC1 has uploaded various other non-2b2t Minecraft videos such as him duplicating items on a pay-to-win server, and The Search For Pack.png (the default Minecraft resource pack/server icon). The most popular video as of August 2020 is his search for the Minecraft title screen panorama which succeeded, and gained traction across various platforms with Mojang themselves commenting on the feat (thanks to many of his community members pitching in and helping).


On 2b2t, SalC1 is an active member of The Last Templar. Sal also participated in the construction of the original Argonath in 2019, which was self-griefed after an anonymous player found it, as well as the construction of New Argonath in 2020, which was made public after a complication involving the Nocom exploit. In April 2022, SalC1 was also invited to be a priest at a 2b2t wedding between players vertz and HK. He also occasionally streams on his Youtube channel.


As noted before, SalC1's YouTube videos are relatively consistent with to his documentary-style story telling. However, he veers away from that style from time to time; a prime example of this would be his duping videos as well as his livestreams. According to him, the video that gained him many subscribers was his SkittleMC duping video; and his Pack.png video skyrocketed his subscriber count. FitMC was apparently his inspiration for starting his channel, and it seems that he even has a good relationship with him.


SalC1 is relatively active on anarchy server Reddit boards, posting every few weeks or so.