Sage_Mathias is a 2b2t builder on both 2b2t and Constantiam, including The Shire and Snipertown, and based at Chunk Haven and is one of the founders of The Paragon.

Sage Mathias
JoinedJune 22, 2016
BasesMultiple solo bases, The Shire, The Paragon, Valinor, Avernus, Chunk Haven, Sky Masons
Alternative AccountsJohnMelonKamp, Max_Caruso


Sage first joined 2b2t on June 22, 2016, after stumbling across the server IP. As he escaped spawn, he was killed by rpb7191, but later became friends with him. Sage explored the spawn area and found a melon farm, one of Fit's 2013 bases, a 2011 base, and then made his first solo base, John's Melon Camp. This did not last for long, as he eventually moved to a new base, Cougar Melon Campus, where he bred cows and grinded for enchanted gear. His third solo base, MelonKamp, was griefed as it was too close to axis, in July. The base can still be viewed through Sage's Imgur profile. In early August, Sage built John Cougar Melon Campus 2.0, his fourth solo base, much further out. This was only temporary, as he later moved to build the Golden Apple Inn, another large build, in late August. He got two alts and hacked clients (Wurst and Impact), went and retraced his steps, and brought one of the accounts to the Inn, and gathered supplies at helpful places along the way. During the November 11 dupe, he duped the two gapples he found in chests, along with other decent items, despite only having regular queue. In December, he got the alt JohnMelonKamp and commenced sightseeing 2b2t, from Facepunch ruins to the Valley of Wheat, eventually to Valkyria and then meeting up with rpb7191. Also during this time, Sage went and based at one of rpb7191's solo bases, which was later griefed due to only being 900 blocks off of the axis and under 60k from spawn.

In January 2017, another solo base was built, Princess Jessy's Palace, and after its completion, Sage went to the end with gRiNdLoRd1, another player he had met. He made connections with Sniper231996 on Reddit, telling him to base further off the axis, and the two got to know each other. He traded with KilaBoi2012, and then built a group base called the 'Shire' with Redstoner__ and Sniper231996, which was abandoned in March 2017. Next, Sage met FinalBenlus and helped him with a building side project. Sage decided to plan a group project after its completion, but was trolled by Blockboster123 regarding Fit's skybase island, so Sage ended up making a base after a wild goose chase trying to find the island. It was called "2pigs2tails: The Pig Island of 2b2t," after the spawners that were there. Sage then set forth on a journey to begin a group base project at The Paragon, and also based at Valinor in late 2017. After that, he joined a few new bases such as Avernus in 2019, and Chunk Haven in 2020.