Southern Canal Association

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Southern Canal Association
FoundedAugust 16, 2022
LeaderxForgeW, Andida, NinjaSir, Godroster, Night
Bases500k Milestone
'Unga Bunga' ceremony, DJKitt3 camping festival, 500k celebration.

The Southern Canal Association (SCA) was a group dedicated to extending and maintaining the Southern Canal. As of its disintegration in February of 2023, the canal had amassed a length of 540,000 blocks. The majority of its former members moved to WaterWayUnion, where they continued to extend the canal.


With the founding goal of extending the Southern Canal to the 500,000 mark in the overworld, the Southern Canal Association grew in popularity and amassed a lot of new members in its first few months. After gaining many new members, they began steadily progressing towards their goal of 500k.

As the canal grew, so did the knowledge of SCA's existence. Fit would release a video on the Southern Canal in late October 2022 talking about how much the canal has expanded, as well as referencing SCA directly. This would result in many new members joining the group, as well as others coming to grief the canal.

Southern Canal Incursion

The Southern Canal Incursion, also known as The Battle of Suez, began at the start of November 2022. The group first realized something was wrong when their members were attacked by Fifth Column members. The Fifth Column then announced their group called the Southern Canal Incursion (SCI). SCA quickly retaliated against the incursion, calling in allies such as Imperials, Donfuer, Jew Squad and various other groups. The SCA discovered and took down a large obsidian boat, which blocked the canal. SCA members partially griefed the obsidian boat and killed the elder guardian that was contained within. SCA and DonFuer began plans for a parallel canal to bypass the obsidian boat. As this went on, a second Fifth Column boat would be leaked in in-game chat and on reddit by joppari19. The ship was taken down with ease as no guardians were placed. Simultaneously, DonFuer and the SCA created the X-1000 parallel canal. The parallel canal construction was started, at Z:483,000, and extends all the way to the 500,000 mark. The parallel canal was never finished during the SCI war, but was finished in January of 2023. The canal is 17,000 blocks long, and including the corner stretches, it spans a total of 19.000 blocks. This event lead to Maksitaxi being kicked from the 5th column due to insiding the group, and leaking information to the SCA.

Southern Highway Association

SHA Propaganda Poster

During the canal incursion, griefers realized that the canal could easily be filled with obsidian, creating a lot of work for SCA members. This prompted Raptr_ to create a new war against the canal and SCA. He did this by creating small group of friends he knew and invited Maksitaxi, AlqUU & karpo0 to a new group called the Southern Highway Association (SHA) at the start of January of 2023. The SHA proceeded to pave over the entire canal with obsidian, effectively turning it into an overworld highway. Though attempts were made by members of SCA at this time to de-pave the canal, this was met with resistance by SHA members, where they would attack the canal workers and hit them with Crystals. The methods of paving the canal were brought by AlqUU.

The Fall of SCA

Paving of the Southern Canal

After the events of the Highway paving by MaksiTaxi, AlqUU, ChiefBeefLoko, and _raptr, there was a lot of debate on how to proceed with the restoration of the canal. At this time, Godroster began to consult ThebesAndSound, the original founder of the Southern Canal, as he had faced many griefs in his time on the server. This would anger xForgew and his allies in the group, which would result in infighting. This infighting would cause some members of the group to become disillusioned with the group and leave. This drama would continue until revelations about the actions of xForgew and others with whom he was allied with would come to light resulting in a complete fracturing of the group as a whole.

After the revelation of many lies and IRL theft involving SCA that was committed by xForgew and his allies, many members left SCA and founded the WaterWay Union. This new group, founded by Godroster and ThebesandSound, would continue the original goal of SCA in maintaining, extending, and upgrading the canal, while not being associated with it.


The most notable base of the Southern Canal Association was the 500k Milestone, which was constructed by multiple members of SCA. This base was built in celebration of their achievement of reaching the 500k mark on the canal.

The Southern Canal Association has had numerous resupply stations built, most of them located directly next to the canal. These bases typically contain a resupply cache of gear, mainly in form of pickaxes and shovels. These resupply station also often contain cookies from Godroster, delivered through one of his so-called 'Cookie Stands'.


Unga Bunga

During the Southern Canal Incursion, several members set up a small rest-stop town built around a statue they named "Unga Bunga". The village was a side-project started by WikipediaDev and joppari19 in the hopes of motivating the members of the SCA during the Southern Canal Incursion. They would often hold ceremonies at the village where they would offer items to the "Unga Bunga" statue, in the hopes that it would bring them good fortune and luck.

Offered items typically included gold and diamond. Participants of the ceremony once decided to offer WikipediaDev as a sacrifice, placing him within the statue and filling it with lava.



Director - Founders and significant contributors to the group

Central Committee - Extremely trusted contributors to the group, and those with access to stashes and other private information

Head of operations - Fully trusted contributors to the group, and leaders of different operational branches of the group

Administrative Committee - Trusted contributors of the group, and first ranks of leadership

Commissioner - Trusted contributing members

Member - Active members

Volunteer - Volunteers who contributed to the project



xForgeW, Andida, NinjaSir, Godroster, Night

Central Committee


Head of Operations

Dad_Twoknee1, joppari19

Administrative Committee

_xque, FreedomHolland, Ironexception, Sombraxxx, Ko8efanboy, Romal_FurnoI, M3N0, Smokey Socrates, Carbonkel, RussianXD, nosajbout, Olaya


PoTheMagicDragon, crackhause, Exmon890, Madcherrybro, swagmaxx, Max1mumChr1s


Spawnsentry, Terbin, Enigma_008, KLY, OffsetPanda701, AntGames_16, drakeN, GothicHamster, Jesunem, tyty21, pyro_byte1, injoytoday2, KB_, Constructor, Sancus, Coolpilot2b2t.