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Spawn Builders Association
Trusted members of SBA as of January 18th 2022
FoundedApril 4th 2021
BasesMany spawnbases and 2 bases

The Spawn Builders Association or SBA is a building group dedicated to making spawnbases and repairing both overworld and nether spawns. With no primary base, all efforts are focused on building and maintaining the current spawnbase (which are numerically-named, e.g 'SBA 1, SBA 2, etc') and other similar projects.


BryceDey, DanDucky, Kingsxtt, Paulsteve007, and XGamer_BePlayinX at the -69 -420 clubhouse
Double helix and SBA hub at SBA 1

The SBA was founded on April 4th of 2021 by BryceDey, DanDucky, Kingsxtt, Paulsteve007, and XGamer_BePlayinX. Originally the group was solely used to organize the cleaning of spawn, but eventually the first SBA spawnbase was founded on the 26th of May, 2021.


The group's resources come from the group's stash, which was built predominantly by stash hunters including but not limited to Paulsteve007, BigGreasyEgg, and Bobbers22. The scale of the stash enables the group to continuously fund and build their spawnbases regardless of losses from griefs.


The group's first spawnbase featured a floating obsidian inverted pyramid which was subsequently rebuilt at the following SBA spawnbases, becoming one of the early signature builds. Other signature builds include the central double helix which has since been built repeatedly at every SBA spawnbase. SBA 1 also began the trend of flattening and spreading grass across every SBA spawnbase, though the group has stopped flattening locations before building at them. SBA 1 lasted a month and gave the group the confidence to continue building spawnbases and inviting new friends.

Purge Nights

At the 7th SBA spawnbase, the group began the first of many of their so-called 'Purge Nights'. These meetings are the primary driving force for the administration of the group. In Purge Night meetings, the SBA leadership decide which new members to invite and which members to kick (either due to lack of activity or general discomfort with their behavior) and plan future activities. The group holds a Purge Night every time a SBA base is griefed. These meetings are rarely held during the course of an active spawnbase as it could result in members leaking the coordinates after being removed from the group.


After a series of 10 spawnbases being griefed due to an insiding member of the group, it was decided to further limit invites to a process of voting wherein no less than a unanimous vote from the group's trusted members could permit a new member to be invited. This process is still in place today.



The group always has 1 active spawnbase for all members, the spawnbases are not used to recruit members to higher levels in the group, rather used simply as a place to build.


The group's events are managed by self appointed members who organize and build events.

The group also has occasional private events on weekends called Shmeggsy Saturdays, or Sunday Fundays, where the group hosts competitive games or group activities. This tradition began at SBA 24, when the group collaborated with Spawn Party Association to host a jousting event on horseback at the base. Since then, the tradition expanded to include activities such as decorating Spawn, cleaning up Nether Spawn, spawn fight clubs and more, allowing members to get to know each other better and have fun.


SBA purge night on the 28th of November of 2021
Trusted members of SBA as of January 18th 2022

The SBA is led by a group of trusted members who are promoted to their position based on activity and server experience. These members make decisions for the group on topics ranging from invites, base location decisions, and promotions to bans, stash access, and group structuring decisions. These members participate in Purge Nights and vote on invites.

Leadership Members In order of leadership level