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Spawn Builders Association
Trusted members of SBA as of March 4th 2023
FoundedApril 5th 2021
BasesMany spawnbases, Larptown, SBA Sanctuary, Larp Vegas, Valley Of Jesus

The Spawn Builders Association or SBA is a building group dedicated to making spawnbases. With rarely having any primary base, all efforts are focused on building and maintaining the current spawnbase.


Double helix and SBA hub at SBA 1

The SBA was founded on April 5th of 2021 by BryceDey, DanDucky, Kingsxtt, Paulsteve007, and XGamer_BePlayinX. Originally the group was solely used to organize the cleaning of spawn, but eventually the first SBA spawnbase was founded on the 26th of May 2021.


The group's first spawnbase featured a central double helix, which has since been built repeatedly at every SBA spawnbase becoming the SBA symbol. SBA 1 lasted a month and gave the group the confidence to continue building spawnbases and inviting new memebers. As time went on, spawnbases began to show signs of order, themes and improved quality of builds. This tradition lives on and to this day, there are more than 55 spawnbases built.

Holiday bases

Since its creation, the SBA has always aimed to create special bases during Halloween and Christmas. The first holiday base was built during the 2021 Halloween season in SBA 11. Unfortunately, the base was griefed before Halloween. The Christmas base for 2021 was established in SBA 17 but was griefed by Redstoner2b2t due to the infamous log4j exploit. In 2022, the Halloween base was special because it was not a part of the regular SBA base, and only trusted members of SBA were allowed to build there. While SBA was constructing the base, they were approached by Donfuer, who expressed an interest in working with them. SBA agreed, and the two groups began working on the base together. Unfortunately, Donfuer invited several builders, one of whom was Franknificant, who leaked the base to Fifth Column. After the grief, SBA attempted to create a new base, but it was griefed by Backstreet Boys before Halloween. For the 2022 Christmas season, SBA chose a recently used location for a hide-and-seek event and added Christmas decorations. This base survived for the first time and hosted a successful Christmas event. In 2023, the Halloween base was once again located further from spawn and only open to selected builders. Everything went smoothly, and the event was very successful. Soon after the event, the 2b2t Party Committee's base was griefed by Fifth Column, and SBA suggested that they could move into their base since they no longer needed it. The 2b2t Party Committee accepted their offer, and the Halloween 2023 event was held in SBA's base.


The group also holds occasional private events on weekends, organized by players who express interest in hosting them. This tradition began at SBA 24, when the group collaborated with the Spawn Party Association to host a jousting event on horseback at the base. Since then, the tradition has expanded to include activities such as minigame evenings, spawn cleaning, spawn fight clubs and more allowing members to better get to know each other and have fun. The group is currently holding weekly events for members to take part in, every weekend, ranging from hide and seek, karaoke, pvp, and parkour. Members plan their own event on a calendar and all are invited to participate.


SBA had several smaller projects, but two that are worth mentioning are Guardians of the Galaxy and Bepitone. Guardians of the Galaxy was a project where participants protected end portals from being destroyed, as there was an exploit to remove them in late 2021. The exploit worked by forcing a Nether portal to generate in the overworld at the exact Y-level to replace end portal frames with obsidian from the bottom of a Nether portal, thus destroying it. Durkaaqt came up with the idea of building massive obsidian cubes with portals inside to deter griefers from destroying the portals, which proved to be effective. Project Bepitone started on November 12th 2022, with mining beginning on November 22nd 2022. The goal of the Bepitone project was to create a giant sign in the obsidian roof that would say Bep. This giant sign was created with the help of more than 20 accounts and thanks to a program developed by Babbaj, DanDucky, and EBSmc. The project was successfully completed after mining a total of 10,550,405 obsidian blocks on February 3rd, 2023.


The group's resources come from the group's stash, which was built primarily by stash hunters including but not limited to Paulsteve007, BigGreasyEgg, and Bobbers22. The scale of the stash enables the group to consistently fund and build their spawnbases regardless of losses from griefs.


SBA purge night on the 28th of November of 2021
Trusted members of SBA as of January 18th 2022

SBA is led by a group of trusted members who are promoted to their positions based on activity and server experience. These members make decisions for the group on various topics including invites, base location decisions, promotions, bans, and group structuring. Most of SBA's plans are formulated during what are called 'Purge Nights.' The group holds a Purge Night every time an SBA base is griefed, where they discuss all the aforementioned topics in real-time interactions rather than through chat. The Purge Night tradition began after SBA 7 due to issues with insiders.

Leadership Members In order of leadership level