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RusherB0t is a chatbot created and maintained by John200410 with help from DryBones_ and R2bEEaton. It is currently the most popular bot on the server due to its many unique commands.


RusherBot originally ran on the John2OO41O account in 2017 while he wasn't playing, but then the old player priority was removed from all pre-june accounts, this includes John200410's accounts. This led to him quitting Minecraft. He then went on to come back April 2018, left September 2018 and came back February 2019. He now has Priority Queue on both his and the Rusherb0t account, and is actively playing on 2b2t.


Rusherbot has a discord called RusherBot Worshippers. It was shut down on 4.4.2019 for unknown reasons and was reopened the same day. It can be found at


As categorized by John200410 himself


!radius - says who's in the bot's render distance - !radius

!pos - Gets a player's position if in the bot's render distance - !pos JewishBot

!armor - Makes the bot equip diamond armor - !armor

!gap - Makes the bot eat a gap if it is in his inventory - !gap

!totem - Makes the bot equip a totem if there is one in his inventory - !totem

!come - Makes the bot go towards you if you're in it's radius - !come

!follow - Makes the bot follow you until you type !stopfollow - !follow

!stopfollow - Makes the bot stop following - !stopfollow

!health - Gives the bot's health - !health

!sword - Makes the bot equip a diamond sword if one is in his inventory - !sword

!attack - Makes the bot punch someone if they're in his render distance - !attack SpawnFaq


!help - Gives link to this help page - !help

!discord - gives a link to the discord - !discord

!motd - Gives a random motd of 2b2t - !motd

!que - Gives the amount of players in the 2b2t queue (has to be !que because max rages) - !que

!playtime - playtime of the player - !playtime John200410

!quote - Quote of a player - !quote John200410

!firstwords - First words of a player - !firstwords John200410

!lastwords - Last words of a player - !lastwords John200410

!yomomma - Insults your mom - !yomomma

!online - gets the amount of players of another minecraft server - !online

!y/n - Responds with yes or no - !y/n

!dice - Rolls a dice - !dice

!task - Gives you a random task to complete - !task

!wyr - Would you rather - !wyr

!savemsg - Saves a private message - !savemsg I am secretly gay

!playmsg - Responds with someone's private message - !playmsg John200410

!cat - Random cat fact - !cat

!iam - Tells the bot who you are - !iam gay

!whois - Lookup who people are - !whois John200410

!leak - Leak co-ords to everyone - !leak 0,0

!seen - Tells how long ago the bot saw another player - !seen John200410

!gm / !gamemode - Change your gamemode - !gm creative

!quote - Gets a random quote - !quote

!infect - Infects someone with autism - !infect Budid

!insult - Insults a player - !insult John200410

!askgod / !askallah / !askrusher - 8ball - !askgod is rusher a christian!?!?!?!?

!give - Gives you any item - !give 64 totem_of_undying

!tp / !teleport - Teleport to any player or any coordinates - !tp world border

!back - Teleport back to your previous location - !back

!kill - Kill any player or any entities - !kill spawnfags

!op - Give a player operator status on the server - !op John200410

!tpa - Request to teleport to a person - !tpa John200410

!tphere / !tpahere - Request a player to teleport to you - !tpahere John200410

!tpaccept - Accept a players teleport request - !tpaccept

!tpdeny - Deny a players teleport request - !tpdeny

!sethome - Sets a home that you can teleport to - !sethome

!home - Teleports to your home - !home

!uuid - Gets the uuid of any player - !uuid JewishBot

!oldnames - Gets all of the old usernames of a player - !oldnames John200410

!players - Shows how many players are online - !players

!wiki - Searches Wikipedia on any topic - !wiki Donald Trump

!verse - Gives verses from Quran Bible - !verse 1:1

!execute - Executes player - !execute x1D

!vote - Vote for execution - !vote yes

!report - Reports a player - !report John200410 hacking

!bless - Blesses a player - !bless children of africa

!time - Gets the time in-game - !time

!age - Gets the map age (shouldn't be accurate on 2b2t) - !age

!tps - Gets server's TPS (shouldn't work on 2b2t) - !tps

!ping - Gets a player's ping - !ping John200410

!worstping - Gets the worst player ping on the server - !worstping

!bestping - Gets the best player ping on the server - !bestping

!math - Does math - !math 2+2

!jew - Searches for a jew - !jew Adolf Hitler

!r - Gets top reddit post on a subreddit - !r 2b2t

!owner - Bot owner - !owner

!fact - Responds with a random fact - !fact

!randomurl - Gives a random URL - !randomurl

!cooltext - Repeats what you say in a different font - !cooltext ur gey

!mail - Gets your mail - !mail

!sendmail - Sends mail to a player - !sendmail x1D you're gay

!clearmail - Clears your mailbox - !clearmail

!delmail - Deletes mail from someone - !delmail x1D

Admin Commands

!suicide - Commits suicide - !suicide

!reload - Reloads the config - !reload

!go - Makes the bot go to co-ords - !go 100 100

!quit - Quits the process - !quit

!say - Repeats what you say - !say REEEEEEEEEE

!ms - Mass messages everyone online (don't use pls will most likely kick bot if more than 9 players are on) - !ms xd

!ss - Mass messages all players in the bot's render distance - !ss u r gey