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These rules have been set up to prevent the wikia from collapsing or being raided (see Jared2013). It is mandatory to read the rules before editing, posting, or contributing to the 2b2t wikia. Failure to obey the rules will result in a 6 month ban minimum under certain circumstances (please read our Blocking guidelines for more information).

Page Creation Rules

  • Do not create pages that do not not relate to 2b2t or the 2b2t community.
  • Do not re-create pages that admins/bureaucrats have deleted, unless you have obtained their explicit permission. If you feel that your page has been deleted unjustly, please discuss this on the profile of the admin who has deleted it. If your request for un-deletion was denied (or ignored), do not re-add your page.
  • Do not create pages that exist only to advertise your fagtion. It'll result in disciplinary action being taken.
  • Do not create separate pages that are about tiny and/or unknown bases/groups or random people you've met. They will be moved to Regular Players or Small Groups

Major Build Guidelines

  • All builders should be listed (2011/2012 bases are NOT required to list all base members)
  • Precise creation date (by the month) (bases created before June 1st, 2016 are NOT required to have this requirement)
  • One or more pictures (to prove the base exists. This is to prevent drama with players making fake bases).
  • Must exist on
  • Must be completed OR griefed if pre-planned.
  • Must have an extensive amount of information/history (newer/inactive pages have an exception)

If our sources/admins believe that a (several) base(s) does not exist, then those pages will be deleted unless if proper evidence has been received.

Minor Group/Faction Guidelines

  • The group cannot be Armorsmith based. (ex: trying to get attention by spamming chat and making the group seem godly and claim to accomplish things that they didn't accomplish)
  • The group/faction must be a decent size to be added (2 - 20. This varies on its activity and other measures).

Page Editing Rules

  • If an admin rollbacks your edit, do not re-add your edit. If you feel that the admin shouldn't have rolled back your edit, discuss it in the page's discussion page or on the admin's profile. If your request was denied or ignored, do not re-add your edit.
  • Vandalism is not allowed. Disciplinary action will be taken and everything you will do will be rolled back within less than 24h. (You will end up like Jared - Banned).
  • Try to be as objective as possible
  • Do not remove commonly known terms such as oldfag, newfag etc; because its not family friendly (ex: making "grammar edits" by removing terms such as newfag)
  • Do not add your name to Famous Players or Notable Players unless if you have established a reputation on the server. (if you just joined, your'e a nobody, not a famous player).
  • Adding your Youtube channel (or equivalent), will result in a removal of content and a possible ban. This isn't a place to advertise your youtube channel.
  • Blanking a page (removing all of its content) and creating a fake summary will result in a ban. If you believe that a page should be deleted, add<nowiki> to the top of the page.</nowiki> at the top of the page and justify your reasons for deletion.
    • Fake edit summaries (ie. "grammar fixes" edits that actually delete half of the page, replace it with a copypasta etc.) will add to the duration of any ban placed on your account for the edit.
    • Bypassing a ban will result in the admins contacting the Miraheze staff which would most likely result a ban from going on the entire website itself. (This can vary as this only happened once).

    Suspension Guidelines

    All punishments may vary on what rule you broke, and how active you are on the wiki. The 2b2t wiki admins and bureaucrats check at least every edit and make adjustments accordingly.

    IP-Based Accounts (Not logged In)

    If you have broken any rule while logged out, you will be IP banned with no chance of appeal - however this wouldn't happen as the 2b2t Wiki is restricted to prevent editing from non-account editors.

    New 2b2t Wiki Accounts

    If you have just joined the 2b2t wiki and broke one of the rules, you will most likely be permanently banned. You may appeal by joining the discord and messaging one of the Bureaucrats on why you believe you should be unbanned. If we see that you are sincere, you will be unbanned.

    On a rare occasion, you may be given a written warning on what rule you broke.

    Active 2b2t Wiki Accounts

    All Active 2b2t Wiki accounts will receive a written warning before getting banned. Bans can range from six months to infinite depending on what rule you broke the second time. Active 2b2t Wiki editors may join the 2b2t Wiki Discord and appeal their ban to a Bureaucrat if they believe that they were falsely banned. (NOTE: editing the same page multiple times isn’t activity. If you have only been editing one page, you account will be treated as a “New Account”.)

    Other Rules

    • Obey the admins
    • If you see that a page has been vandalized and the admins have not responded for over 24 hours, alert them on Discord.
    • Do not lie to staff about information.
    • Do not add false information.
    • Don't be a wroth toddler about stuff.
    • If a page is locked/protected, its locked for a good reason. Please don't message the admins about unlocking a page.
    • If translating a page, don't do so in Google Translate.

    (Updated for September 2019 Standards)