Rocket Town, also known as Rocket City and Fit's Sky base was a base founded on March 3rd, 2017 by Fit, bigdon50, AlphaComputer, jddinger, and ChromeCrusher.

Rocket Town
InhabitantsFit, bigdon50, AlphaComputer, ChromeCrusher
LocationX: 87900 Z: -347500
StartedMarch 3, 2017
GriefedJune 18, 2017
World download
LinkNot Available

Leak and Destruction

Rocket Town after being griefed

The coordinates of the base were leaked by jddinger as part of a drama over The Museum. After the base members realized that the coordinates were public they attempted to eradicate any traces of a base to make the coordinates seem like a meme. However, the main supply of TNT was accidentally blown up, leaving traces of the base everywhere.[1]

Fit would go on to blame the destruction on Summermelon, in spite of the fact that jddinger was not affiliated with them at all. Fit would use this blame to justify his grief of Summermelon.

The base was added to The Museum, then later removed after the griefing of Summermelon, and then added back later.

Construction Video