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Welcome to the error page!

Your options are:

1. Ignore that you ever saw the error page and go on with your life by pressing this green piece of text.

2.If a link has redirected you here, you can report this in the comment section of the article that linked you to the redirect page.

3. Shitpost here.

4. Go link some pages at Special:Insights/deadendpages.

5. Insult whoever created this page on the 2b2t subreddit.

6. Insult Sato86 instead.

7. Go to jail.

8. Close the tab.

9. Add another point to the list.

10. Watch this gif for 10 hours and post it on YouTube:

Watch it for 10h.

11. Touhou is better than Undertale

12. Go [1].

13. Go and actually stand on the queue.

14. Get a communism flashback from the sentence above.

15. Join Spawn Masons on order to feel more important by doing absolutely nothing.

16. Snitch about this pages existance.

17. Remove all the damn text from a page and make it redirect here.

18. Actually redirect here form pages that never should have been created on the first place.

19. Get a life.

20. Stop reading this.

21. Update some other article.

22. Steal someones credit card data and get the paid queue.

23. Burn Niftyrobo's base.

24. Repair VoW and join VoCo.

25. Love fucking nutmeg

26. Find the meaning of life.

27. Go prepare some chicken before that epic battle.

28. Watch 2b2t Jewtubers