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"Rhodes was a busy base with lots of people passing through and it died and was revived a number of times"
Inhabitants_m_o_t_h_r_a_, Andrew_Gill, core468, Dirt_Andy, donald108, Drachenstien, DrFrankfurt, Dwarf_Lord468, fr1kin, HermeticLock, jared2013, jddinger, Joelik, Joey_Coconut, KhanTusion, Kiwiwololo, kyle_rayner_ion, mindule, Mines, mustafoa, Offtopia, ohrahra, P529, pYr01v1aniac, Rickenman, Rokushoebo, Sursyot, Tanaxis, THEJudgeHolden, tomah54660, xcc2, Zenomorphh, zuzzlan
StartedEarly 2012
GriefedSeptember, 2017
World download
LinkAvailable on the Archive

Rhodes was a large base, and, in its heyday, was the oldest active base on the server.


Rhodes was founded in 2012 by Andrew_Gill, shortly after the original destruction of Boatmurdered. In the base's early stages, the population consisted of Andrew_Gill, core468, Kiwiololo, ohrahrah, Rokoshoebo, and Zenomorphh. The base was inhabited until 2013, when many of the aformentioned players quit for good, leaving behind tombs for themselves to symbolize their exit. From 2013 to 2015, nothing occurred at the base. In 2015, Andrew_Gill logged in once more, and struck up a conversation with jared2013. Although he had not been online in over two years, jared2013 remembered him. This conversation and jared2013's remembrance of him led Andrew_Gill to share Rhodes' coordinates with jared2013.


jared2013 promptly set out towards the base, and settled there as his primary residence in late 2015. Over the next year, Jared improved the base, settling away from the original city to identify the new from the old Rhodes. Jared continued to invite new people to the base for the next couple of years, and the base grew to be sizable, eventually boasting over 30 members, of which around 15 were active. During the Crafting Dupe, zuzzlan duplicated many unique items for the base, many of which are still in circulation today.


The base continued to thrive until September 2017, when it was discovered that Parthicus had the coordinates, and had begun moving the contents of the stash away from the base. Rather than allow his base to be griefed by another, jared2013 took it upon himself to grief Rhodes, and so the base fell in mid September 2017.