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"Players come and go on 2b2t all the time, some make history, others don't."

-FitMC July 2nd, 2016

This page is dedicated for the lesser known population of 2b2t. F̶e̶e̶l̶ ̶f̶r̶e̶e̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶p̶u̶t̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶r̶ ̶u̶s̶e̶r̶n̶a̶m̶e̶. Too bad, this page has been archived.

Famous Players

Well-Known Players

Name list

To put your name on the page, you must have played 2b2t for more than 24 hours. You must also add a short description of what you do and/or what you've done on the server. You also need to escape spawn (past 20k) to be eligible to be added here.(Please don't spam nonsense in all caps.)

Players that are the background elements on the server and their description.




  • Brickable (February 2nd 2012) - Not much is known about him (obviously hes in regular players) but he was known as the last person to join the Facepunch Republic before it shutdown for good. Although his brother who goes by 'trademarktm' is one of the first players to ever join the Facepunch Republic and even made art about it. He still sometimes roams around the server and has once been sighted at popbob's castle.
  • Herobrine (Unknown) - Some Russian dude who played on 2b2t for a while, and got some attention due to his username.
  • 565DJ (Unknown) - Base griefed by Tribal.
  • domoattak/ WishMKR (Summer 2012) - joined server right before server going down for awhile. Played with a small group of players known as "BEST Crew" until around May 2013 when the two members, fitquaser84 and FrostSaber, joined a group base . Played with that group until Fall of 2013 when domoattak left 2b2t after base was griefed. Joined Back during Rusher War for a few hours but ended up leaving again until his resurgence in June 2019 on an account known as WishMKR.
  • Xoizin (Late 2012) - Got butthurt when his wiki article was removed.


  • MattieHD (Aug 8 2013) - Is one of the owners of N-War, a peace organization that saved over 400 veterans and newfags alike during the rusher.[citation needed]
  • SalC1 (2013) - Joined sometime in 2013 looking for the oldest sever in Minecraft. Started regularly playing in June 2016 when he heard about the Rusher war. Uploaded some 2b2t videos on the SalC1 YouTube channel.
  • mgmakuben (2013) - Joined sometime in 2013 after a IGN video.
  • MrSarkissan (Sep 15 2013) - Found 2b2t on a server site. Started regularly playing in 2015. In 2016 he participated in the Rusher war.


  • Zltb (2014) - joined the server at some point in 2014. Famously known for griefing The Camping Rusher's base. In September of 2018, Zltb founded the subreddit (r/2b2t_Uncensored) to protest the censorship on r/2b2t. It quickly because the target of Lowdown's spam but was successful in banning him and his alt accounts. As of 10/19/19 the subreddit has over 1850 subscribers.
  • Uglykids (January 2014) - uglykids is a user on 2b2t. He joined 2b2t in around January of 2014 with the username 'KEEKO64'. He has been apart of several groups and bases, e.g. The Peacekeepers. He wasn't proud of being a part of them, and he eventually left after only being a member of their group for a couple of hours. He was a known trusted trader at the nether spawn (0,0) and regularly traded map art. He fell in love with map art as soon as he got his first map. Sadly, due to kinorana resetting all maps, he eventually burnt his collection and he really had nothing to do at spawn anymore. He then left spawn for a very, very long time and moved to the world border hoping that one day map art will be entirely fixed and he can finally return to spawn, his home. During the summer of 2017 he joined the dig to the + x and z corner. After around a week or two he found him self very isolated and bored. He was able to contribute 120 thousand blocks to the tunnel before killing back to spawn. As of the 15th of October 2017, uglykids has officially quit 2b2t. After being a player for over three years uglykids finally quit 2b2t due to the owner (Hause) being a sellout scumbag who would prefer to loose most of the older players for a bit more cash for his cocaine addiction.


  • Epic_ManDude (May 2015) - Joined May 2015, Tries to start a new team but always fails to do so. His team would be called "The Wayfarers". Can sometimes be found online or on his own server. Doesn't join too much because of the queue.
  • WandaChamp/SlateHealer33/WandaChamp123 (Aug/Sept 2015) - Spends time repairing highways and working with the Spawn Infrastructure Group to further repair highways and make outpost for public use. Favorite highway is ++ and has multiple bases that are currently active. A mod for SIG
  • General_21 (Oct 2015) - Maintained a public farm and underground base at -3000 on the x-axis with leathernugget and a few others, as seen in Doctrzombie's Season 7 Episode 3 The Negative X. The farm acted as a neutral structure during the Veteran/Rusher wars in 2016, and massive destruction of the base in late 2017 led to dispersal of the group. Currently adventures to explore 2b2t's player-made structures. He also edited this entire wiki page because it was so disorganized when it was found (4/7/2019).
  • LDazz25 (Winter 2015) - Joined late 2015 found a dupe stash or a i don't really know anyways it contained 2 double chests of gapples and a enderchest which i stored them in after travelling 2k blocks in nether I setup a small base to store my goodies only 2 weeks later it was raided and i almost ragequit when a dude invited me to base in the old cc base but I was a retarded newspawn and well...
  • HattyTheGreat (Pre-Dec 2015) - Played on another account on 2b2t before making another one in December 2015. (No longer uses the old one). Joined the KOKs and leaked a dupe stash. Kicked out, then joined Asylum. No one likes him. Not even maxtorcd55.
  • chards (October 23rd, 2015) Joined on his birthday after his brother (unknown) gave him items. Soon just became a regular... Didn't play extremely often until Rusher, then taking a break until May 23rd, 2019, when chards actually got situated. Currently basing millions out at an unnamed base that is soon to be revealed (as of may 29th)
  • Aryezz (2015) - Member of Equilibrium and Shiro Foundation. Known for making ShiroBot
  • Megasteel32 (Fall 2015) - Creator of Megasteel32's Tower to the Heavens, participated in Byrnsy's project to the world border. Was a member of the Vortex Coalition, personally annoyed jared2013. Pissed off househousehouse1 after basing with him.

Pre-Rusher: Jan 1 2016 - May 31 2016

  • KomodoDragon108 (May 21 2016) - Was looking for a good anarchy server when they (Gender unknown) found 2b2t. Played on it regularly until the rusher war and the queue system was added. Joins every so often but not as much anymore. Made it to 40k via nether highways. Lone wolf for the time being until he finds a group. Not very known for destroying bases or killing others.
  • AidanThatOneGuy (Pre-Rusher) - Midfag usually found in the Nether access roads.
  • MythBustler (Pre-Rusher) - 15 (at least by 4/7/2019) yo MidFag, solo. Not seen since Rusher War.
  • Jumpinqq (Pre-Rusher) - Leader of Trojan, joined sometime prejune for the first time but became a regular in early 2017. Known for being quite a spawnfag.
  • quide (Pre-Rusher, January 2016) Friend of chards - a 2015 player, who, at the time, were both in elementary school and didn't care too much about the server.
  • theboss24611 (Pre-Rusher, January 2016) Just an explorer, sometimes griefs bases and sometimes kills new players. Not really contributing much, but is there.

The Age of Hype Begins

Jan 1 2016 - Dec 31 2016

  • AaronJuggernaut (Jun 2016) - A Spawnfag Nobody Until He Stepped On The Backs Of A Few Kids And Climbed To The Top. Became A Rich Fag From Duping, And Now Sits Around As Supreme Leader Of The Supreme Empire, Believing Himself To Be An Almighty God, When In Reality His Group Is An Army Of 50 Inactive Fags And A Couple Kids Who Wont Listen To A Word He Says.
  • Kingisthebest (Jun 3 2016) - old passie wannabe that joined June 3rd 2016; without watching rushers video,but another video, has made multiple bunkers, one at 45k and another at 100k, died at 120k because of laggy skeletons, teamed up with shadoweric123 to around 2 million, and hasn’t left there ever since.
  • Rexma_423 aka Timetraveler4239 (Jun 7 2016) - Joined 2b2t after seeing TheCampingRusher and Fit's videos. He played for a few weeks in June 2016, then left the server, but was still active in the community and knowledge. He rejoined the server in August 2018, and did many things, such as going to Imp Base, visiting many bases and landmarks around spawn, and he is currently on the (+,+) highway, trying to go to the world border.
  • Jonathan222 (Jun 7 2016) - Doing nothing for the 1st few months on 2b2t, he started to build 6Garden in November 2016. Main construction started in January 2017. He is currently no longer active on the server
  • Isabelle0934 (Jun 8 2016) - Joined after reading Minecrafter: The Unofficial Guide to Minecraft and Other Building Games in 2013. Was inactive for the majority of 2016 and 2017, but came back in 2018 and is now teamed up with REH9.
  • MinePro3 (Jun 10 2016) - Came from rusher, but joined for fun. Left because of the long queue, joined again around February 29 2017, found a huge stash of Kinorana's armor 10k out, and then traveled on from then. Member of Unidad.
  • Ringiohux (Jun 10 2016) - An Exalted member of The Vortex Coalition and an Operation Manager of SIG . Early on, he travelled 100k out of spawn in the overworld and started making several outposts around spawn. He is responsible for many portals around spawn that advertise SIG. Also was one of the main creators of a spawnbase known as Statue Town, but the base was shortly destroyed by incursionists due to it having crops close to spawn.
  • Strike4U (???-Jun 2016) - Helped players escape spawn during the rusher war by telling them to go to X coordinates. He quit around the 20th of June 2016.
  • Negative_Entropy (Jun 2016) - Based alone for a while, was active at Callisto, Arcadia and then invited to the Spawn Masons in April 2017. With this group he built several bases and lodges, which is still ongoing. Portfolio: (dead link jej)
  • Neff_Intel (Jun 2016) - A Rusher hater for advanced. Has traveled around 1-2 mill blocks in the overworld, but died, but gladly i saved my Dupe stuff in the nick of time and starting over again from spawn since April 17th, 2018.
  • Dhutfut/xX_JTSL4YING_Xx/MJxTHExBOSSx22 (Jun 2016) - has made many small little outpost base things across 2b, first joined 2b on a vanilla client, and also started playing on it actively, as well as quitting mostly recently during the recent 1.12 chunk dupe because of all the lag and server restarts.
  • Koragus (Jun 2016)-A 2b2t player
  • Takeouts (Jan 2016) - Takeouts first joined the server in January of 2016, when he was curious about what the concept of anarchy would be like. He logged in, and was killed, and didn't log back in until the start of the Rusher war, to discover he had veteran queue. He started playing the server actively, and didn't pick any sides during the Rusher War. He stayed away from most players, with occasional trips to spawn to kill off the less fortunate. He has been semi-active since, and has since formed the Teutonic Order. He often PvPs at spawn, and frequently starts new group/solo bases.
  • freedom2b2t (June 2016) - Leader of the confederacy who joined in 2016 from the rusher war, likes to save people from spawn and has many friends because of it total save count is at 17 people so far
  • OblivionMidNight (June 2016) - Well-known pvper/spawnfag also known as ScarletSinon
  • Kekboy (Summer 2016) - a kid who originally joined in 2016 after TheCampingRusher and got iron armor turned on aura around pigman and died, he wasn't seen until july-august 2017, was carried by Digging4gold, ended up meeting EternalEmyrs through a friend. he met cyframe or mag64 on the highland discord and mag unbedrock  trapped him and became good friends with him, they are still friends to this day. he eventually just decided he was going to be silent until start of 2018, he ended up talking to people in chat and was pretty cancerous. nothing until recently where he leaked the 6th incursion base coords not already knowing they were public.
  • SoiledCold (June 2016) - joined the server in Summer of 2016. He usually joins community projects and is a quiet person. He stopped playing in the fall of 2016 but returned in 2017 after seeing a youtube video about 2b2t. In June of 2019, SoiledCold founded the SGA, the SGA is an alliance like the UGE for smaller groups. SoiledCold has also started (with the SGA) #TeamNoTrees. His plan (with the SGA) is to destroy all trees, dirt, and grass from 0,0 to a radius of 10K. SoiledCold is also an admin on r/2b2t_uncensored.
  • LuigiBro74 (Aug 2016) - He joined sometime in late August but only officially starting playing a few days after the Rusher War. Luigi ended up with the Highland. Eventually some stuff happened and the Highland kicked him out. Then that was when Luigi started trying to find ways into the Spawn Masons.
  • 4Chins (Aug 2016) - Found out about 2b2t from a friend who saw rushers videos, Disagreed with said friend a week later and blew up his base, Joined the Highland shortly after, passing every test they put him to, Only to burn down their 11 million block base after a few days upon a disagreement. Often seen calling for the gassing of jews in chat.
  • 12550821/TescoTerrorist/NyeTheRussianSpy (July-September 2016) - Joined and did some stuff, but quit for over a year. Came back when AntVenom's video was posted in April 2018, and now just stays within a few hundred kilometers of spawn and makes random builds.
  • BREIFMAN11/irequesterrors on reddit (Oct 2016) - Mainly doing builds and is focusing on his Roman classical build.
  • Redstoner___ (Sep 26 2016) - one of the first 30 people to the world border and a member of the Elyisium. he likes endurance challenges and being an attention whore. he's currently in the brown men working on exploits and is priority banned.
  • TheAnonymParadox (Oct 2016) - A Newfag who tried playing without a client for a while. He occasionally leaves the server for long periods of time, thus he's still on his way to 100k.
  • Zolnierz/AlexiPlaysMC (Nov 2016) - member of The Soviets, loves the guy above me. I also collect many rare books as well...
  • Firefox18 (2016) - Only player to be invited to 6Garden. Got crystalled in the nether and rage-quit. Unknown activity
  • a_xxEzraBxxx_b (Rusher Era) - First heard of 2b2t in the summer of 2016 and watches lots of YouTube videos about but is too impatient to wait in the queue and cannot afford priority queue so he plays on shitty clones. Barely is online and hangs out with popular players on 2b2t discord servers.
  • Glazikan (Rusher Era) - Joined sometime in 2016. Member of Unidad with 1 base called The Valley of Wheat V2. Doesn't say much and just loves to travel and build. Traveled and stayed alive for two years until he decided to go back to spawn so he died and can be seen at spawn if he's not traveling.
  • Jelle_02/Sundius14 (Rusher Era) - Joined from rusher but didn't start playing consistently until September of 2017. He a high level member in VoCo and is the director of multiple bases. Enjoys travelling and exploring new bases and new people.
  • RCFoolz (Rusher Era) - Newfag who was originally a member of the PK's and VoCo. He moved on the create the Republic of Portals.
  • 1Pump1Baby (Rusher Era) Found the server because of chards and quide, 2 friends at the time... Irrelevant, doesn't play often and doesn't have prio queue.
  • HappySeniorMan and GalaxyDoughnut (Post-Rusher) - Newfags who made a small group of 2 originally known as The Fulcrum Force but they later abandoned the name. The two built Kektown, which was toured by Doctrzombie. They eventually joined VoCo and became nomads at spawn. The two eventually created a more successful group known as The Society.
  • MrCK10 - Joined in the 2016 rusher war, Helped create the Imperial Empire and has done other things in the community such as create #TEAMETIKA and #TEAMTREES 2b2t, the TEAMETIKA discord was one of the most popular discords in the time of etika in 2019.
  • Zaanga - Joined Because of a friend who joined from Rusher.Did the cringe rusher shit,and then played off and on again not doing much ti'll 2018.Likes to talk to people and collect Signed books,banners,etc and is making a base.


  • _zeldaplaysMC_ (Feb 2017) - Didn't talk to anyone until 2018 and is 14 years old (4/7/2019). Member of Emperium. Not a trap.
  • RusherFag (Feb 2017) - Joined after seeing all the videos about the Rusher war. Was a clueless newfag untill autumn 2018. Known for being a autistic Jack of all trades. Currently a high ranked member in Highland.
  • 465__(May 2017)- Active player in the outer spawn region that participated in a big amount of spawn events, groups and general community drama.
  • JoJoPyle (Jun 2017) - A newfag popbob wannabe that joined in June of 2017. Runs around near spawn killing nakeds and griefing random buildings. Has an alt named _Appendix
  • Tyler_Coolman (July 2017) - Co-Leader of Emotionless with RS24, known for leaving emperium after a fight with xdolf.
  • bluecrab2 (Summer 2017) - Rarely does anything on server due to queue but likes to stay updated on what happens and edit this wiki.
  • VillagerFilms (Nov 2017) - Decently-Known Builder and Horrible PVP-er. Participated in jared2013's 7th incursion and 8th Incursion, and is IN The Incursion Infinity.
  • Miggers (Dec 2017) - Well-known pvper/spawnfag and one of the leaders of the Anti-Incursion. Also largely hated player in the 2b2t community. Formerly known as AutoClickher and Squaresyrup.
  • _abattoir_ (Dec 2017) - Found the server via discord server hopping and escaped spawn on his 2nd try without hacks after 1 month of grinding he got tired of it, and quit the server for awhile, he eventually bought some gear from a shop in 2018 and eventually created a 600 dub stash along with a backup 60 dub stash using a active dupe at the time, which as of 2020 have both been found and griefed. He is a current member of the R.E.C. a small group of builders responsible for the Lotus City franchise on 2b2t and a past member of Kryptic, an inactive group-not that it was ever active to begin with. Only as of July 2019 has he become "active" on the server again. He mostly spends his time building random shit within the greater spawn region and basehunting.
  • Connstat (Late 2017) - An Autist who joined the server because of his IRL friend in late 2017, and proceeded to aggressively ask for handouts, and just spammed lyrics of never gonna give you up on a vanilla client.
  • zacharys_yt (Late 2017) - Joined after seeing a YouTube video on 2b2t. After a while he quit for a bit of time until around November 2018 where he started to form a group called 'The Gulag'. He is now known for making meme videos and occasionally uploading small newfag griefs.
  • Discusser (Mid 2017) Joined from TheCampingRusher, played for a couple hours then left for 2 years. Has had around 6 stashes, with only 2 still standing. PRThomas' basemate and admin of "The Bannering". Main thing was duping.


  • Kervo (Feb 2018) - one of the better pvpers on 2b who played in 2018. Tends to be lazy and doesn't do anything anymore except talk in emperium chat. Has very based opinions but also good sportsmanship and nice personality most of the times.
  • Kaklo123 (Feb 2018) -A lesser known emperium builder. Got his withers at spawn and left some kits for newfriends.
  • Haxified (Feb 2018) - Pretty chill but autistic guy, makes private clients and bots. Shit at building, also frequent spawnfag. Member of Emperium.
  • Zed381 (April 6 2018) - Likes to travel on his horse along the highways and see monuments. Enjoys traveling in general and likes to raid players who just established their first base.
  • Mad_King_Lambo (Apr 19 2018) - Well known autist, shitposter and memer. Generally makes memes involving Doki Doki Literature Club and some form of hentai. Griefs highways and spams chat. Loves to kill nakeds at spawn using his signature sharpness 1 swords named "Doki Doki Literature Club Hentai"
  • EllioTricks (Apr 7 2018) - A 2b2t Admin and Bureaucrat. Quit 2b2t in mid 2019.
  • Bloxclay (Apr 28 2018) - Ex-Member of now fragmented group Unidad and Ex member of now defunct Eyes Of Zodiac, Recently declared him self Leader of a newly created faction called The Hog Riders and is responsible for the changing of many signs on the highway to "Join The Hog Riders". Speculations have been made that the hog riders will not last past a week of existence but there is still time for the drift[the official term for a group of pigs] to grow and possibly become quite notable mainly for sign vandalism,Fixing the Canals where it was blocked up,Map Art theft and general spamming of Join the Hog Riders with a discord link to their official discord server in chat. Keep an eye on this one.
  • TB_Kingdoms (Apr 2018) - Previous member of the self collapsed group of The Seven Deadly Sins, used to be the sin of Greed. Helped established the group through a discord call. Makes Minecraft Mod Showcase videos on YouTube today.
  • EntropyAnnDroid (Apr 2018) - Joined April 2018 after finding Fit YouTube. Builds medium sized bases that look like naturally occurring dungeons at a glance to avoid lazy griefers. Made world border in August 2018. Currently collects unique and original items like banners and named god armor, searching for end portal.
  • ShowbizHarbor9 (April 2018) - Joined April 2018 after watching "The Face of Minecraft Anarchy" by AntVemon. He fought in the Anti-incursion as an Antfag, he and everyone he fight along side with were completely destroyed by the Incursion forces. After a long Hiatus and 2 ex girlfriends later, he joined back amd has been active for some time. He like to give newfags gear and loves to bother the spawn fags. He dreams of one day destroying that fucking spawn platfrom at 0 0 in the Nether but only time will tell if he is successful. He also likes to help out a few shops in discord, if you need anything, DM him and he'll take you to a store.
  • SheerCuriosity (May 2018) - A true nobody, SheerCuriosity is a newfag who joined the server after hearing about it in May 2018. He is rarely online, mainly because he is a poor MF who can't afford priority queue and is too impatient to wait.
  • LordPopcwrn (Jun 10 2018) - Well-known pvper/spawnfag. Also one of the leaders of Anti-Incursion.
  • Citruz - Guy who joined 2b2t in 2018. Is a member of The Vortex Coalition, barely plays on 2b2t anymore. IGN : Citric_Acid_
  • SqueamishCactus (Jun 2018) - Joined June 2018. Is a newfag with absolutely nothing of value, tries to avoid people as much as possible. Likes to read signs and document random crap.
  • q_Maxi_p (July 2018) - Has escaped spawn and build a base over 1M on both axes; yet chose to return to spawn to help newer players. Initially joined after AntVenom's video. Most people know him by hanging up all those "Keep going!", "Stay determined!", "Don't ever give up!" and "I believe in you." signs on a particular highway. His greatest power is Determination. In chat, however, he is THE definition of pure cancer.
  • Hyphe (September 2018) - Newfag that joined September 2018. A Fitfag that made it to 2.000.000 and set up a base there. Travels since December of 2018 around 2b's land as an adventurer. Known for sometimes returning to 0.0 Nether to socialize with others.
  • Finstaa (September 2018) - Made it to the -Z world border and +- world corner, Founding member of Point Zenith, insided Point Zenith.
  • Sonnyismario (Aug 2018) - Known for Killing spawnfags and dying a lot.
  • bambo15 (Sep 2018) - Most known for founding R41D and making projects like The Underground Villager Hall, has over 6 days playtime and escaped spawn 4 times only to return once. Currently bunks at Toxic Caverns with 2 others.
  • Daemon__ (Dec 2018) - Joined December 2018. Founding member of "The Excursion" a failed expedition group trying to find the farlands. Commonly mistaken for Daemon0, They are not Daemon0.
  • Pyta/ItsTheSquid#1971 on discord (2018) - Joined sometimes in 2018. Likes talking in chat. Currently a VoCo member. Has an outpost near spawn. Classifies himself as "the worst pvper in existence"
  • CaptKlutz/Elaphant (July 2018) Joined in July of 2018 made a small base 22k out, rejoined in Jan 2019 currently in the Vortex Coalition, runs the best store on 2b2t kinda a legend literally a legend.
  • De5tr0yr (July or August 2018, exact month is unknown) A person that got out of spawn in his first few tries, went to 400k blocks out, and is still making a tower. He had first heard of this server in 2016, but also joined because he had wanted a unique experience. was also criticized by someone for using a dead meme. (idk why I added that there). actually has a friend or two. Is currently inactive.
  • Slik47 (September 2018)-Fitfag, he liked the challenge of 2b2t and tried to survive without a hacked client. Died a couple times to shitty spawns, then made it to 40k+ and acquired full diamond gear, but quickly grew tired of intolerable lag and the inability to go anywhere without risking death. He still likes to stay up to date on 2b2t's events.
  • Kildrio (September 2018), he joined 2b2t because he saw a video from FitMC and liked the idea of no rules and anarchy. He was going solo for awhile then he found out about The Vortex Coalition and joined being high ranking now. He likes to build public infrastructure and has reflected that by him joining the Spawn Infrastructure Group. He is now a member of The Emperium, The Vortex Coalition and S.I.G. He now bases with a few of his friends from The Vortex Coalition pretty far from Spawn.
  • TheDiamondCraftr (December 2018) After watching many FitMC videos and researching 2b2t to a large extent, He spawned in. Wanting to get away with using Cheat Clients on a minecraft server; he joined. Now he is forming a group called VoxelCorp with a few friends.


  • Bajr (January 8th) Famous member from Emperium.
  • GasedJew22 (Jan 2019) - Joined January 2019, found out about it after a thread on /v/, doesn't know anyone beca1use of being newfag. Hates niggers. Please fucking kill me.
  • instinctual (February 2019) - Member of The Backstreet Boys, Rageland, and The Book Club. Finds bases, griefs bases, does pvp. Used to make mapart. Despises newfags.
  • DavidPrydain (5th February 2019) Escaped spawn on first try, went out to +X123,282 -Z121,868 and made his first base. Was later used as a base for the Revival Resistance to then be gfriefed by Revival Resistance Insiders.
  • A_Forsaken_God (Mar 2019) - Is assumed to be based on the -x nether highway, given he's only seen there with basic gear. Apparently he also has a PMC account under the same name which is confirmed to be his. He's beyond shit at PVP and even PVE, Why he decided to join 2b2t, No-one will ever know.
  • Duruaxbbb/Leonidas huh (Mar 2019) Longtime builder outside of 2b2t since 2013, only joined because he wanted to have some attention :,( Played for 1½ days and now is just a Reddit user. Advocate for the age of hype to end as it is redundant.
  • DeltaHL (Nov 2019) - Found the server back in 2014 by talking on Nodus IRC and joined 2b2t some years later after viewing a video sent to him on Discord. Likes to build obsidian outposts and structures and is really bad at PvP. Has some Java and Python skills.
  • Umino_C4 (Apr 2019) - Finally Started playing seriously in 2019, known about the server for a couple of years. Built random bases passed a 1,000,000. Fully Nomadic.
  • Zi_Gorium (May 2019) - Escaped spawn on second try, followed Umino_C4's signs all the way to the 60k region. Plans to find various relics of the past and put them into an Archive. Plans to dig large tunnels under each highway...
  • Thatcrazypanda2 (March 2019) escaped spawn on 42nd respawn; immediately after escaping spawn joins VoCo. Currently basing with juliusPlaysMC (Circa. 11 June 2019).
  • BlueCore777 (April 2019) Player who joined the now Defunct group Everflame, then Unidad v3 later. Founded a group called the Deluded Regiment.
  • CrawketBots (April 2019) found out about anarchy from an ifunny comment. A banner-obsessed traveler and builder seeking to finally establish a decent base.
  • Monsterkarate (late April 2019) A really irrelevant guy who played a little for a few days getting out of spawn once and then in August 2019 bought prio so he could play regularly and for to his friends base and died to a spider. Then he was getting out of spawn he encountered a player by the name Lord_mahan who was nice to him and showed him to a supply stash and then he geared and spent the rest of his time joining the sag making a base and a stash until 1 day he was at spawn and saw Lord_mahan on and asked him what’s up, and he said his account got corrupted and and was stuck at spawn so he went to him and gave him a shulker and invited him to the sga base. Current leader of unidad.
  • elijah204 (Early May 2019) Joined right when school got out, escaped spawn first try without hacks, then started using hacks because he thought the game was lame without them and founded The White Lotus Society with Pat_The_Wizard. Together, they built bases in the greater spawn regions only to release the coords on reddit once "complete", and made frequent spawn trips to distribute kits and build. Elijah and Pat now are building one big base over 1mil out in a group called 'The Reuse and Exchange Collective' after the White Lotus Society disbanded on Aug. 12th, 2019 due to the owner of their discord, Emil187, quitting 2b2t and deleting the discord server.
  • WarfareRidge (Early July 2019) Joined the server on his alt as his main was book banned back in February. He ventured out of spawn on his first try. He died many times after that like any player with minimal items and rotten flesh for food. He eventually found his way into the millions, walking this way with his own two feet alone. He set up a new base and recorded every single event that happened in the base. Though many players have visited the base, his base is yet to be griefed as of March 2020. Player does not frequently use hacks but chooses to when necessary.
  • Aureo (July 2019) Joined the server with a single friend to have fun. Been traveling, having misadventures with nether traps, gravel, and trying to find a suitable location to build a base. Final task is yet to be achieved. Will update once completed.
  • CakeMakerZ (July 2019) Regularly plays other anarchy servers while waiting for the queue to die down. Can easily escape spawn but regularly get downed by elytra players far out in the nether.
  • SyntaXart (Late July 2019) - Syntax is a lone wolf that escaped the spawn on his first try and decided to travel the Overworld much further. He likes to explore the Overworld to find unique landscapes, bases and historical places. Fortunately, he's a person who hate to grief anything that he found. He refuses to use any of the Nether or Overworld highways as a travelling method despite that they're faster way to travel. He also didn't use any hack client for over 500k blocks out from spawn, after that he decided to use it to start hunting for bases. Syntax is obsessed with placing signs at unique coordinates or landmarks. His future plan is to build a few small landmarks on the Overworld and he's thinking of starting a few highway projects. His goal is to have no kills or deaths as long as possible. (note from De5tr0yr, I am currently doing this too, KDR being 0/0, Good Luck.) (note from NB6K, niggersniggersniggersniggersniggersniggersniggersniggers.)
  • YouKnowTheDeal (Early 2019) - Used as an alt account by EllioTricks until the other Owner got interested in Minecraft again, and just so happened to stumble upon 2b2t. Used to be a member of Prelives, but is now in Point Zenith.
  • Adam8067 (Late July 2019) - Builder and maintainer of the nether highways, was one of the founders of IIS.
  • TheArchWander (Early Summer 2019) - Joined in the early summer months of 2019 but didn't return until September 2019. He tends to stick to highways. Wants to map all of 2b2t by using JourneyMap and wants to help newfags and spawnfags by giving them iron tools and melons. Tends to replants farms and has left signs in the (-,-) quadrant (One being at -10k, -10k). Didn't use any hacks until the 2nd day of returning to 2b. Has plans for builds.
  • Luckyr (Sept 12 2019 ) A thief and base raider (but not a griefer). Not known to be affiliated with any groups.
  • Yuiuy22 (Summer 2019) A peaceful player living off the land. Escaped spawn first try and was lucky enough to find food and string for fish. Currently working on building the cactus desert alone. Sometimes streams 2b2t but it is hard without priority queue yet! Always willing to help another player if messaged.
  • RubySkidz (August 20 2019) Twitch streamer and pvper
  • Mark6O9 (September 27 2019) Your autistic newfag who has a tendency of dying a lot like the retarded newfag I am and always will be. Here's something you can grief X -7.402 Y 65.00000 Z -45.608 (Your newfag trap in the nether) because why the fuck not plus It will make me happier.
  • Spctre (Late Summer 2019) Your average player, seen on the server almost every day. Likes to travel out far and has a small YouTube channel dedicated to 2B2T.
  • Tabb0 (Early October 2019) Was a part of small group called Silverpunch Kingdom. After group got disbanded joined the New Facepunch Republic. Likes to build, repair and create new highways and explore. Doesn't like griefers and is very bad at pvp. If you even meet me on the server you can be sure that I won't attack you.
  • 1U0 (Late July 2019) - A spawnfag that used to be in pk and is now in conquest
  • Frickdog (Early August 2019) - Higher up member in conquest. Avid obama worshipper. Owner of The Bruh Shack.
  • DrewPavlou (November 14 2019) - Spammed "EEEBIS" constantly in chat. Was constantly followed by CCP and did not understand how to use Wurst to AutoMine. Finally escaped spawn by following canal.
  • JolPro (Late November 2019) - Just another Fitfag. Learned that hard way why new players going to the Valley of Wheat is as pointless as joining the server.
  • Deepfield (Febuary 11th 2019) - Joined right into The Vortex Coalition. Currently at Exalted rank and is keeping the trash out of the group working as recruitment staff. Recently accepted a position to help rebuild SIG and apply his past experience to the group. Enjoys community building and working on highways.
  • NexxMC (Early July 2019) - Joined the Vortex Coalition Very quickly, moved up to the Exalted position and has stayed stagnant. Participates in event of many groups, small or large, and spends most of his time working on large scale projects.
  • Goujon_ (26th July 2019) Known for being bedtrapped, and is a aspiring jewtuber. He only recently stopped playing fortnite.
  • Darth08 (October 2019) Does autistic shit and says absolutely true things that are 100% guaranteed to not fuck with the newfags asking for help.
  • 2020 JellyR7ishere Or were they?


  • Athena413 (Post-Rusher) - Newfag builder/archer. Names tools and weapons after song lyrics. Frequently speaks in chat. Not known to be affiliated with any groups.
  • Engineer57 (Post-Rusher) - aka Melonz. Cofounder of the Melon Knights

  • BG_for_BabyGhast (Post-Rusher) - Newfag that has protected the Gardens of Capricorn along side Error_Code503, he has a PHD in Internet Retardation.
  • KottBruderLeo (Post-Rusher) - Newfag, started the "The Nether is closed due to AIDS" meme, only lasted a day or so.
  • Maxtorcd55 (Post-Rusher) - Respected newfag who goes to spawn with no gear. Had a permanent 0,0 nether cam for a period of time.
  • Starklawz (Post-Rusher) - Founder of the Melon Knights.
  • TheHylian13 (Post-Rusher) - joined post rusher, but didn't know who he was until later. joined Highland, got rich, was careless, died, kicked out of Highland, bed destroyed, became naked spawnfag again.
  • WarLordN1k (Post-Rusher) - aka PandaPimp. . Ex GrandMaster of highland and explorer. helped with Obsidian Sky. Also has a fetish for placing obscene amounts of ender chests..

Unknown Join Date (???)

  • aaa (???) - An autistic lagfag that also makes the whole server cringe when joined.
  • FallsGreen (???) - Well-known for shitposting a lot and griefing bases
  • Mancan76 (???) - Former leader of Skybound. Currently collecting maps and other valuable items.
  • oofcloof (???) - 2b2t historian and builder. Helped found The Lawnmower Cult.
  • ThejumpyBlazeftw/Xdolf (???) - Known Notorious midfag, pvper and griefer. Member of the Emperium, Plays on lots of alts. Known alts and old names include (bodybags,5dollarfillup,emperiumbot,6thincursion,MathisMiles,Santaof2b2t,BuddhismHotline)
  • Vanux867 (???) - I don't really do anything. Currently a member of Infrared.
  • BillytheCat (???) - 12 year old newfag and an SJW. Unknown activity.
  • cityboss1 (???) - Well-known pvper and the former leader of The Asylum. Now sells items and builds stuff with friends.
  • Milse113 (???) - Respected by mid and (certain) oldfags. Has a non-extravagent "workshop" where he makes items for himself, infrared, and infrared's allies.
  • Itopian/2b2tRiotPolice (???) - founded The Imperialists he is friends with SmackAttack86 and interviewed BarrenDome, Offtopia, Sato86, and jared2013
  • g1u (???) - Not a very known alt, travels throught 2b2t exploring for bases.
  • HeroicRobot (???) - A guy sometimes refered to as, "The new Armorsmith". And has camped at a spawnbase that later got griefed. Founder of The Guardians, and a member of Infrared.
  • The_Grand_Lotus (???) - Grandmaster of Highland, likes to annoy the shit out of people, and gives new players kits at spawn. Rides pigs and sets pearls.
  • Grimone (???) - A respected player among mid-fags and was once the leader of the Knight of Kek. (KOKs)
  • tenderhart (???) - A very "controversial" player. Once a high ranking member of the KOKs.
  • Virl (???) - Everyone sees him, he's Australian, own Asylum shop with City.
  • dragonworm (???) - Person who tries to make bases and fails almost every time.
  • natester1001 (???) - Member of The Society and moderator of the UGE. Associated with many different groups.
  • DiversaL (???) - Player who doesn't really do much except lurk on reddit and the wiki.
  • KraftyKaran (???) - A relatively new player who has traveled 1 Mil + on the Nether highways, can be seen talking in chat sometimes.
  • ILovelyKitten (???) - Tried and failed to remove cyberbullies, spammers, and racists from 2b2t. Thinks kek and pepe are racist, and think it matters. Generally an SJW and a media sheep.
  • Repowered (???) - Highland member who is worshiped by some new players
  • und13m4n (???) - Random Admin on the wiki and known by poorer players for randomly switching from killing and helping people
  • SheepeyDarkness (???) - He's never actually pvp'ed before and traded map art before and after the map reset.
  • P529 (???) - Is known for distributing his kits at spawn and making some maparts.
  • BobFromUSA - Leader of The People’s Republic of Valerdos
  • Queen_Avios (???) - Leader of a small group Eyes Of Zodiac and lies about being a old fag.
  • Queen_Elysia (???) - Midfag to 2b2t and is extremely hostile.
  • MrBoom420 (???) - Travels the overworld, currently operates Eden in SIG.
  • LosAngeles173 (???) - fought in the 4th Incursion, based at a few very small bases. Travels the nether highways frequently and repairs/expands the Southern Canal.
  • KingOda (???) - The leader of Team Apex. He plans on helping newfags. (Hated by Koragus)
  • Retronautx (???) - Leader of Infrared.
  • IHackedWalmart (???) - Well known spawnfag who camps at spawn and builds bases. He is a high ranking Peacekeeper and is 2nd in command of Infrared.
  • WomenAreObjects (???) - leader and founder of The Cobblestone Masons.