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“I’m severely autistic”
JoinedSeptember 26, 2016
TypeLagger, Exploiter
Alternative AccountsRedstoner___, brownman_2, AlternateEarth, IPv4Address, and many shared alts from his friends
Currentbrownmen, Jballs
PastHoly League, The Book Club, Bakery, Elysium 1, Elysium 2, Avalysium, Infinity Incursion
FitMC falsely accusing Redstoner of griefing point nemo
Elysium 1
Redstoners "300k" Stash, Used by 30+ people from different groups. It lasted 1 year and was the main supply stash for the book club and bakery.

Redstoner joined in September 2016 from Rusher's videos. He joined Team Veteran but condemns those actions.

In January 2017, he joined the Holy League and based at Constantinople until its destruction in March 2017.

After the first donkey dupe, he started heading to the world border in April 2017. He arrived 1 month after the diggers and worked on "Austwitz", a base on the world border about 500 blocks from Point Nemo. After about 2 weeks, everything in the vicinity of Point Nemo was lavacasted by Babbaj. After an Elytra stunt fail in the world border nether hub, he died and was sent to spawn due to a bed breakage and stopped playing out of rage.


In July 2019 he came back and joined Elysium I. After building there for a while, he was given the bible crash exploit from Carl and proceeded to crash the server multiple times before it was patched. After Hausemaster reenabled bookbanning as a side effect of fixing the lag, he joined the Book Club on October 29th and helped engineer some of their lag machines. Using his 300k stash, Book Club members constructed "househousehouse1™ server rapers".

After the spit-up of the Book Club when dq6 sold out to Hause, Redstoner helped with chunk banning operations around spawn and ended up banning 0,0 nether with jared2013.


In April 2020, he started The Bakery. The joke came from when he was talking to steve3 and discussed reviving the Book Club as a new, even better meme. The Bakery 'baked' newfags with furnace chunkbans around the bedrock comet and 0 0 overworld. He led the efforts for 2 weeks straight managing to organize dozens of players to build bans every 12 hours around the clock. He managed the supply chain as well, with up to 2 dubs a day of furnaces needing to be flown in. He managed to ban 56 players personally and the bakery as a whole banned 326, plus an estimated 200 more from closing 0,0 overworld for 4 days. slightly beating their previous score of 400 as The Book Club

During the Bakery, he allied with the Infinity Incursion, eventually joining them. He participated in Operation Black Sky and The Lava Curtain projects, providing footage of the former to Fit and making a video on it. He also led the Water Cube Project alongside BachiBachBach for a month and a half finishing the 250 million water source block project.

In June 2020 Redstoner was messing around with lag machines and found a reliable priority ban method called Skylight lagging. He used this to priority ban multiple people including streamer Jakethasnake52. The chaos this caused forced Hause to reset most priority bans, including Redstoner's main account.

Househousehouse1 meets Redstoner as a newfag on the highway in 2016