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“I’m severely autistic”
Redstoner .png
Approx. join date 26 Sep 2016
Status Active
Solo Bases Unknown
Known Alts


Reddit Username(s) u/edgymemesforedgytee
Current The Brown Men, The Book Club, Elysium 2 (base)
Past None

Joining in 2016 he was another irrelevant building a sky base around 150k. In January 2017, he joined holy league and based there until it’s destruction in March 2017. After the first donkey dupe, he started heading to the world border in April 2017 1 week later Fit released his video and then the army of kids started there journey. He arrived 1 month after the diggers and worked on ‘austwitz’ a base on the world border about 500 blocks from Point Nemo. After about 2 weeks everything in the vicinity of Point Nemo was lava casted by Babbaj. After an Elytra stunt fail in the world border nether hub, he died and was sent to spawn due to a bed breakage. Out of rage he stopped playing for 2 years.

In July 2019 he came back to a more peaceful server so he went and joined the Esylum group base. After building there for a while he discovered the bible crash exploit and proceeded to crash the server multiple times before it was patched. After seeing that bookbanning was enabled though the patch, he joined the Book Club on October 29th and helped engineer some of the lag machines used to destroy the server. During this time he helps with the ban chunk project, making more and more effective designs in the hope to use them as weapons. Merely a week after, the first ban chunks were put up at spawn and have been increasingly more and more catastrophic to players. He is currently also In the Elysium 2 group base (started 8th Dec 2019).