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InhabitantsJudge's group (Willyroof, Offtopia, several other players)
StartedNovember 2011
GriefedJanuary 2012
World download
LinkNot Available

Ravendel was a base created in 2011 as the successor to Old Town by Judge's Group.


Ravendel was founded in November 2011 and slowly grew in population over time. Due to the map no longer having any limitations, players used the town as a place to rest while adventuring. The town was eventually griefed by popbob in early 2012, causing the town to become abandoned.


Ravendel has many simple builds that were quite common in 2011. Ravendel boasts a large cobblestone tower. Ravendel also has a cobblestone wall used to keep hostile mobs out of the town, as they were quite common at the time. The town also had a town hall and a library. Ravendel also has a large cobblestone cube that was most likely used as a hostile mob grinder, as well as a 3 floor farm. There is also a hole used to spawn passive mobs for food, as mobs would spawn on lit grass blocks during the era. Offtopia also attempted to build house made of mushrooms, but failed.