Rat House

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Rat House
A render of the Rat House

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LocationX: 32200 Z: -19700
StartedAugust 27, 2020 (four years ago)
GriefedOctober 09, 2021 (three years ago)
Griefersjared2013, Forceken, and Fornicator
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Rat House was a large spawn base founded by Rathause in late August of 2020. It was the largest base on 2b2t by player count, with 104 total members, and was also the largest spawn base ever on 2b2t in terms of builds. It was inhabited by many builders from many groups, such as SpawnMasons, Shortbus Caliphate, Astral Brotherhood, Guardsmen, Block Gamers, Vortex Coalition, Emperium, Drain Gang, Althernos, and the builders of Whitehaven.


The Rat House early in its lifespan


Rat House was founded in late August 2020 when Rathause left the Vortex Coalition. He quickly terraformed the mushroom island it was on, built the central obsidian structure, and invited a short list of close friends, with DarkXL6, FamilyPumpkin6, and Crawket building there at various points throughout late 2020 and early 2021.

Explosion in activity

The base remained mostly inactive until late June 2021, after the griefs of Block Game Jerusalem and Whitehaven. Joey_Coconut had been planning a spawnbase intended to be run in a similar manner to Adamantium and The Autumn Drain. Rathause offered the Rat House up for Joey's largescale spawnbase project, entitled the 'Peace and Harmony Commune' for a short period. A plethora of players from the SpawnMasons, Shortbus Caliphate, Astral Brotherhood, Guardsmen, Block Gamers, Vortex Coalition, Emperium, Drain Gang, Althernos, and the builders of Whitehaven, as well as many others were subsequently invited over the course of the next 4 months. As space on the main island became scarce, builds were made underground, in the sky, and on entirely new custom-built landmasses nearby.

Largest End Crystal Kill

On August 14th 2021, Todarac organized the largest end crystal kill ever on the server at the Rat House. A large satanic shrine was built and a total of 38 players were killed at once with a single end crystal, setting a new record for most deaths by a single end crystal.[1] Subsequently, several smaller-scale end crystal events occurred at the island. Multiple accounts that had their beds set at the base were also used to deathspam global chat for several days straight.[2][3]

Continued projects

Following the end crystal kill, a group project spontaneously started to build rats performing various actions around the base, such as swimming, eating, sitting, and fishing. Four SpawnMason lodges were held at the Rat House (including the satanic shrine where the largest crystal kill took place).[4] As a result of the Infinity Incursion extending the Watercube in July and August 2021, y_a_t_a removed The Spire from its location next to the Watercube, and rebuilt it at the Rat House with most of the same materials, although half of the Spire was stolen by an anonymous player while it was still in shulker boxes. An event commemorating the 10th anniversary of the release of the Revenge music video was held at the base by Yqe on 18 August, 2021.[5] After the construction of many players' names in obsidian left the base littered with obsidian, a large group project also started to clean up the base. kekkekkek1's name was the only one to be spared.

Leaks and Grief

Multiple leaks and grief-scares occurred at several points in the base's lifespan. Firstly, a mob grinder at the base was griefed by a Taiwanese group, the Infinity Force, in late 2020. Secondly, a basehunter found the Rat House in February, and posted pictures to r/2b2t.[6] Thirdly, The Crypt (a base built by many Rat House members) was griefed in August 2021, a mere 5,000 blocks away. Fourthly, a video of the base was released in a private discord and subsequently circulated around. The terrain was too old and heavily modified to be easily terrain exploited, and subsequent social engineering attempts utilizing information from the video were also foiled. The base was not griefed as a result of Nerds Inc having the coordinates through Nocom, and was entirely missed by the Brownmen's more primitive version of the exploit. After a falling out between SlavPlaysGames, more drama occurred that also nearly caused the base to be leaked. Multiple players found the base at various points through its active period, and periodically stole the materials housed at the Rat House. As a result, activity lessened considerably not long after the end crystal kill.

The final leak occurred in early October 2021 when Fornicator gave the coordinates to jared2013, who griefed the base with and Forceken and Fornicator.[7] Rat House members subsequently leaked the base in global chat and drove off the griefers.[8] The Rat House was the largest base on 2b2t by player count, with 104 total members, and was also the largest spawn base ever on 2b2t in terms of builds. Following the final leak and grief of the base, the group's activities migrated to the Astral Brotherhood, with such bases as the Capybara Castle.

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