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Judge's Group
BasesOld Town, Ravenholm,Ravendel, Old City, Rapture 1, Rapture 2, New Town, The Drain

Judge's Group was a group founded in 2011. Judge's Group started when Offtopia and THEJudgeHolden started to save newfags from spawn and lead them to their new base called Old Town. The group later built at Ravenholm, Ravendel, Rapture 1, Rapture 2, Snow Town, and The Drain. The group's members also participated prominently in 1 Million Base and Rapture 3.


Founding and early activities

Around the time THEJudgeHolden first joined 2b2t on an alt account of Offtopia, Judge founded Old Town in April of 2011. Offtopia came to the base, and proposed the initial idea of the group. The group recruited its first members; jdw99666, elocdrof, marksman77, willyroof, bubbakennedy, and square_digger. Old Town had frequent visitors and was an extremely active base. popbob later destroyed it in November of 2011.

Shortly after, the group moved on to build Ravenholm, an island base, and Ravendel, which was also destroyed by popbob. Several members participated in omalymix's 1 Million Base, leading to a common misconception that it was a Judge's Group project.

While the respective group members were there, there were also no other active Judge's Group projects. chrisleighton was introduced to Judge's Group at 1 Million Base, and became a core member.

Rapture 1

Rapture 1 on April 8th 2012

Following the grief of 1 Million Base, many members of Judge's Group had been creating successive temp bases in attempts to avoid x0XP and policemike55, so they wanted a more permanent base to build at. On March 22, 2012, Rapture 1 was founded with members willyroof, THEJudgeHolden, elocdrof, Rickenman, jdw99666, XY_Spencer, Royal_McKeogh, chrisleighton, & Pylon55. It lasted until April 21st of the same year, when Royal_McKeogh leaked it because chrisleighton filled up his house with dirt as a prank.

Rapture 2

Rapture 2 on April 28th 2012

Rapture 2 was founded on the same day a few thousand blocks away from the first Rapture. Rapture 2 was an underwater ocean base with the same members as the previous base, excepting XY_Spencer & Royal_McKeogh. It was leaked to popbob by omaliymix on May 7. 2012. popbob then griefed the base and killed everyone, but THEJudgeHolden managed to escape with a fly hack jdw99666 made. Following the grief of Rapture 2, Judge's Group went on a long hiatus until 2016. Some members later built at Rapture 3, although it was not a Judge's Group project.

Snow Town

Snow Town on January 1st, 2016
Snow Town Sign Board on January 1st, 2016

Following a long cessation of activities of Judge's Group, Snow Town was founded, with members including Offtopia, jdw99666, elocdrof, willyroof, marksman77, rickenman, chrisleighton, levi17, and passie05. The base fizzled out after long periods of inactivity, and was later griefed by Tim_McNukepants in 2019, after he paid for the coordinates, thinking they were those of Viper Base. Willyroof's dog from Ravendal had been at the base that entire time, and as a result has led to claims of it being one of the oldest on the server.

The Drain

Main Article:The Drain

The Drain is considered to be the last Judge's Group base, since many of the original members were there such as willyroof, Offtopia, and THEJudgeHolden.