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JoinedEarly 2019
BasesUncotown, Uncotown II, Spook Base IV, Spook Base V, Donfuer 20, Waternoose, Chunk Haven, Rat House, Hokkaido, Adamantium, Mu Megafag Base, Sky Masons
TypeBuilder, Nomad
Alternative AccountsMangoBirb, Rainmstr
CurrentSpawnmasons, Mongoloid Khanate
PastDonFuer, KOS Assassins, 2b2t Party Committee, The Emperium, The Followers of the Crafting Table, Infinity Incursion

RainAura is a builder and member of the SpawnMasons.


The Beginning

RainAura, commonly known as Rain, joined 2b2t in early 2019 (under the username NatePlate) after seeing the video The Day 2b2t Almost Died. Her first few months on the server were very quiet, she was too afraid to interact with the 2b2t community until Fall of 2019. Even then, those interactions were sparse, although she participated in The Purge.

COVID-19 era

Rain began to involve herself in 2b2t's community in early 2020 (under the name Ame_Tsu) when the COVID-19 lockdowns began. She took interest in the group The Followers of the Crafting Table and befriended known members of the group. Just before the summer of 2020 Rain had met a player by the name of UncoChad, who invited her into The Emperium. She pvped for The Emperium for around two months, and also shortly for KOS Assassins, during which time she changed her username to RainAura. She was in the group until she had left October 20th, 2020.

Phobos backdoor involvement

Rain took part in the first stages of the Phobos backdoor drama with Wurst+2 in mid summer of 2020. She had token logged a member of the X+ Nether Border Diggers which gave access to the digging account to FaZe_Keem, which he /killed back to spawn. This set the X+ Nether Border Diggers months of progress backwards.

Post Emperium

After leaving the mainstream community she stopped any interaction with the server pvpers all together. She had joined The Infinity Incursion in November of 2020, after becoming close friends with BachiBachBach. After only a month in The Infinity Incursion she left, and became involved with a variety of groups such as DonFuer, and 2b2t Party Committee. She also founded Hokkaido in this time period after the grief of Waternoose. In February of 2021, she was initiated as a fourth degree member of the SpawnMasons at Chunk Haven. She later built at Rat House, Sky Masons, and participated in the MAC_TONIGHT_'s Nocom Base Hunting Project