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Inhabitants0xymoron, Ace_Of_SpADeZ, Roadhog360, pYr01v1aniac, policemike55, jared2013, _Aaron_, Nacloste, 086
LocationX:-310,000 Z:41,200
StartedSeptember 10th, 2016
GriefedDecember 26th, 2016
GriefersThe 4th Reich
World download

Ragnarok (Also known as Ragnarok I) was a base built by 0xymoron, Ace_Of_SpADeZ, and others. The base was home to one of the largest museums on 2b2t at the time of its destruction. It was griefed by The 4th Reich.


The base was started on September 10th, 2016 by 0xymoron and Ace_Of_SpADeZ. The base was originally a small wheat farm but as the two continued to build the base, they eventually invited more players.

The base eventually began to be personalized by the individuals who lived there and eventually, 0xymoron came up with the idea to create a museum. The museum contained several map arts, regular maps of some bases, artifacts and even a dragon egg from Imp Base.

The Fourth Reich eventually showed up to wreck the place and when 0xymoron returned from an Elytra flight, he found most of the base completely destroyed. The destruction of the base was shown live by the 4th Reich as they sought revenge against 0xymoron for previously leaking their base.

During the attack, several members grabbed what they could from the museum and stashes and fled. The original group then built a second Ragnarok with what they had from the original base.


The base had several personalized structures such as a mushroom cloud, mushroom tower, a large wizard tower and the museum, as well as many statues. The base also featured a Facepunch and Plugin Town memorial.



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