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Red Bed Best Bed
JoinedNovember 2018
BasesThe Oasis, Spawn Train, 2b2t Party Committee Halloween 2020 Base, 2b2t Party Committee Christmas 2020 Base, Chunk Haven, Rat House, Sky Masons, Spawn Migration
TypeExplorer, Streamer, Builder
Alternative AccountsItaaalian, Freeench, Retaaard
Current2b2t Party Committee, SpawnMasons

Raaanch is an explorer, streamer, and member of the SpawnMasons.


Raaanch joined 2b2t in November 2018 after growing tired of other overly restrictive servers. He set up quickly near spawn, which he wandered around before going inactive until the end of 2019.

He rejoined in late 2019 and began to stream, becoming one of the most watched 2b2t streamers throughout 2020 and 2021. He was invited to build at Negative Entropy's Spawn Train, which in turn led to an invitation to the 2b2t Party Committee. Through the connections made there, he became a member of the SpawnMasons.

Raaanch has a large item collection and is recorded in the 2b2t Signed Book and Collectibles Discord as the collector with the most original books. He also participates in set building for the 2b2t Chronicles.

The Oasis
Cactus Villa at the Oasis