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JoinedSeptember 2020
BasesGT5, GT6, Various Solo Bases, Gaza, Vega, Menegroth, New Lugdunum
TypeBase Hunter, Collector, Creator
Alternative AccountsRicks0n, clown_down, Rickson_Gracie (old), Loveiswrong (old), Tinrd (old), VaniIa (old)
CurrentGraybeard Geezers, Shortbus Caliphate, Astral Brotherhood
PastGroup 22

R1ckson is a collector and explorer that has also built with the Graybeard Geezers, Shortbus Caliphate and Astral Brotherhood.


Early History

R1ckson (pronounced Rickson, named after legendary fighter Rickson Gracie) first joined in September 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown. It was his first time playing Minecraft. He was able to quickly escape spawn and find some gear, before joining his first newfag group, Group22, and creating his first small base.

He started posting images of his finds in the wiki discord, where he met Joey_Coconut, who invited him to join the Shortbus Caliphate. With them, R1ckson participated in his first group base, Gaza, where he constructed a pyramid often joked about by members of the group (after getting confused with Giza). It was his first ever real build in Minecraft, and was made extremely difficult due to No Server November 2020.

R1ckson's Gaza Pyramid

R1ckson joined the Astral Brotherhood in 2021, participating in the group bases Vega and Menegroth, before taking a break from the group, and building, in general, after the grief of these bases and Gaza in quick succession took its toll on him. He later returned to the group to build at New Lugdunum.

Other activities

In early 2021, R1ckson participated in Forceken's so-called 'underground railroad' event, while escorting sex out of spawn after having talked them into joining 2b2t.[1]

R1ckson, sex and Pyruuuu at the plantation

On the 5th Anniversary of Rusher joining 2b2t, R1ckson travelled to the location of Rusher's first base, Paradise, cleared the lavacasts, killed all withers, and rebuilt it, after which he hosted an event there.[2]

Paradise rebuild

R1ckson spends the majority of his time searching for bases, stashes, collectables, and historical ruins on the server. He became less active in 2022 after the COVID-19 lockdown finally came to an end. He currently has the 10th highest amount of signed books archived in the Signed Books and Collectibles community.

In 2023 he became more active again after joining the Graybeard Geezers, a group of maturer players like him, and built at several of their bases including Geezer Town 6.

He also started streaming more regularly, including 2b2t's first ever charity stream where he attempted to base hunt for 24 hours straight. He lasted over 15 hours, found 30 bases, and raised over $300 for Stand Up To Cancer.[3]

In February of 2024 he released the "Complete Guide to 2b2t", a 17 minute video containing all the basic advice someone would need to get started on the server.[4]

Thumbnail for the guide