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r/2b2t_Uncensored[1] is an alternative subreddit created by Zltb (u/Zltb8) with the goal of fighting back against the "censorship" of the official subreddit r/2b2t. The subreddit was created in September of 2018 and as of January 16, 2021, has around 6.1k readers. While spam is monitored, administrators do not take down posts for no reason. Some of the reasons why this could be seen as a better alternative to the 2b2t subreddit as common posts regarding the community are not removed.

In 2019, the subreddit got hacked by "mrinfo_2b2t" who posted a rather unpleasant message on Zltb's account. This user attempted to sell Moderator for $5 USD. In October 2020, the subreddit was nuked by MrCK10. In January 2021, the subreddit was nuked three times by Joey_Coconut, Orsond, jared2013, and others. The subreddit was fully restored.


The subreddit was created on September 9, 2018.[1]

Hausemaster drama

On December 30, 2019, Hausemaster banned all the moderators of r/2b2t_uncensored from r/2b2t for the following reason:

"moderator in 2b2t related subreddit that doxes/violates global Reddit rules"

The only way to get unbanned from r/2b2t is if you leave the r/2b2t_uncensored mod team. This only led to u/hermeticlock leaving the team and in that week the subreddit boomed from 2000 members to 2500–2700 members. Sato released a video[2] about the ban on the same day.

Main topics brought up in Sato's video by the moderators:[2]

  1. r/2b2t_uncensored doesn't dox users and that they moderator the subreddit daily to remove any doxes and anything that violates global Reddit rules. "you are literally saying that we enforcing this, that the uncensored subreddit is completely dedicated to doxing people" -Sato (1:03)
  2. The ban reason was just an excuse to ban us. - All the mods (1:09)
  3. "iTristan made Hausemaster look like a fool at least twice, with the Pyrobyte and Tristan backdoor and later in 2016 when he was outright lying to Hausemaster's face when he claimed he had no asset operator status access and we (not the r/2b2t_uncensored mods but the community) managed to prove that Tristan was lying. Hausemaster did nothing and guess what Tristan was still allowed to be on the subreddit in fact he was allowed to be on the subreddit up until 23rd of November. that's was his last post on this subreddit when someone made this fan art of his Minecraft skin and he posted her. Well guess what six days later the same Tristan, who has been making housemaster a fool for years, for fucking years, a person has been tampering with the server in very bad ways this dude like six day later hijacked the subreddit from the Hausemaster." "same person, the same person who has been literally been a threat to the stability hasn't been banned and at least I think he's probably banned now like" - Sato (1:34)
  4. None of the moderators have ever doxxed or been involved in doxxing. - SoiledCold
  5. "This is nothing to do with doxxing, it's about control. The 2b2t uncensored subreddit is absolutely harmless it's not a very active subreddit it has only two thousands members like you barely see like ten people online on the subreddit at all times so it's not a threat it's not a threat to the main subreddit it." - Sato (4:03)
  6. "Subreddit wouldn't even exist in the first place if housemaster wasn't acting like a fucking moron on his main subreddit and banning people for the most smallest things" - Sato (4:30)
  7. The formula of 2b2t success for Hausemaster was doing nothing. "you have been increasingly doing things against your community" - Sato (5:55)
  8. "you have been sitting and you have been in bed with the people who have made you a fool for years people like popbob people like Tristan. You have been their friends on steam, you have been their friends and I don't even know how long you have been talking with these people but this is the people you should be pointing your guns at. Not me, not hermeticlock, not SoiledCold not any of us." - Sato (6:18)
  9. Hause is "destroying the foundation on which the server was founded, which was freedom. Freedom to say whatever you want, the freedom to do whatever you want, the freedom to play whatever you want" - Sato and the mods (7:00)
  10. If Hausemaster was right "why do you give a shit?" - Sato (7:34)

Criticism and drama

It appears that over the last year r/2b2t_Uncensored has become a hot bed of drama, with some saying it's worse than r/2b2t. The first main drama was with MrCK10 and SoiledCold, where a chatlog surfaced of SoiledCold talking about the validity of Zltb's ability to run the subreddit. In these chatlogs, SoiledCold is seen telling fellow moderators that they need "more power" in an apparent bid to place himself as owner. MrCK10 seeing an opportunity to start drama made an "expose" video of SoiledCold saying he is "couping" the subreddit, this drama lasted for months and still goes on today, but to a far lesser extent.

The third and most recent drama began when Zltb's wiki page was deleted. The page was removed for lack of content, with the staff team in agreement. As Joey_Coconut was a mod on the subreddit at the time, Zltb claimed this was done to "undermine" r/2b2t_Uncensored, despite the fact that the page for the subreddit itself was not deleted. He then kicked Joey from the mod team and announced plans to make an "Uncensored" wiki.


On January 13, 2021, Joey_Coconut asked chezhead (who had mod on the sub) to publicly denounce Zltb and resign. Instead, he reinstated Joey_Coconut's moderator rank, and began banning an assortment of community members. Joey_Coconut began handing out the moderator rank to a wide array of people and accounts, most notably jared2013 and u/Quasar (the owner of r/2b2t). After a few hours, Zltb caught wind of this and started repairing the subreddit.

Staff members added:

Moderator list


  • u/Zltb8
  • u/2b2tbot (Shared account with Zltb8)


  • u/sato-of-2b2t (Left because he quit 2b2t)
  • u/hermeticlock (Was banned on r/2b2t due to the subreddit drama between r/2b2t and r/2b2t_uncensored, so he left the mod team to get unbanned)
  • u/MCsapling (Left because he quit 2b2t)
  • u/mrck103 (Threatened to doxx hundreds, responsible for causing tons of drama, and quit 2b2t)
  • u/Joey_Coconut (Demoted by Zltb after removing Zltb's page on the wiki)
  • u/Chezhead (Demoted by Zltb after he gave staff to a bunch of people and raided the sub)
  • u/SoiledCold5 (Demoted by Zltb in the aftermath of the various raids on the sub)
  • u/fennectech (Demoted by Zltb after he gave staff to a bunch of people and raided the sub )
  • u/BotOfWar (Demoted by Zltb)
  • u/LordGalvatronMC (Demoted by Zltb)
  • u/sniper231996 (Demoted by Zltb after he gave staff to a bunch of people and raided the sub)


The figures below have been taken from a post on the subreddit by Ztlb.[3]

Date Uniques Pageviews

September 9,573 108,753 (current record for pageviews)

August 13,019 102,234 (current record for uniques)

July 6,692 50,962

June 5,935 47,262

May 7,446 55,205

April 8,743 68,957

March 5,891 39,575

February 4,744 31,713

January 4,538 32,303

December 3,674 25,870

November 3,582 29,613