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Valley of Furnaces
Top Left: A view of the Valley of Ender Chests from afar; Bottom Left: A view of the Valley of Furnaces close-up; Top Right: A view with storage ESP to show the numerous ender chests; Bottom Right: An ender chest and furnace for reference.
LocationX:456 Z:-2,566
StartedLate 2010/2011
World download
LinkNot Available

The Valley of Furnaces is a strange, yet creative area of spawn. It is a well known landmark on the server, with little information being known about it in its early iterations. It was later remade into the Valley of Enderchests.


A long time ago (probably late 2010/2011), someone placed a cluster of furnaces not so far away from spawn and surrounded those furnaces with lava pillars and cobble monsters. The earliest description of the Valley we have is from THEJudgeHolden's comics. According to Offtopia, the valley was made by the infamous griefing group Team Avolition.[1] However, this claim is dubious because Team Avolition recorded their griefs and posted them on YouTube.

THEJudgeHolden finding the Valley of Furnaces

In 2017 the valley was griefed by an unknown player. That same year, a player by the name of PandaPimp started a project to turn the Valley of Furnaces into a Valley of Ender Chests.

In early 2018 another unknown player, who most likely was the same one from before, stole most of the furnaces and ender chests and put cobble swastikas everywhere.

In late 2019, the player Darth08 partially brought back some furnaces and continues to expand the number of furnaces in the area.

It is possible that many other players may contribute to this old landmark on the server itself to this day.

In 2019, c0mmie_ built another valley of ender chests at 10k -10k.