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The Emperium is one of many groups that exist on 2b2t. It was founded by TheDark_Emperor in late 2016 and has since rose to prominence amongst the other groups. They are known to both construct bases and grief bases.


On December first of 2016, TheDark_Emperor created The Emperium. The group's first base of significance was named Arrowhead. When the group was first founded, it mainly consisted of builders, but, as it grew, its membership became more diverse. The group grew very slowly, as stated by TheDark_Emperor, "we actually grew incredibly slow[ly] and had to make trips back to spawn to recruit new people. It was so bad we could have ~15 people one week and be back to just me and rootbeer the next." Many of the bases from The Emperium's founding days still exist as of July 2018. The Emperium rose to prominence when they began to involve themselves with the other groups. This lead to their involvement in the "insiding" of the Peacekeepers, and subsequently the formation of The Order of Lucifer.

In the summer of 2017, as the Peacekeepers began to patrol Spawn, The Emperium decided to combat their influence. Several battles ensued, both sides of the conflict receiving both wins and losses. During this series of conflicts, The Emperium allied itself with The Order of Lucifer, the latter being unaware of The Emperium's heavy involvement in their secession from the Peacekeepers. The conflict ended with the eventual collapse of the Peacekeepers, and the degradation of its membership. After the conflict, The Emperium returned to construction of bases and remained mainly peaceful with other groups.

The Emperium is still active as of July 2018.

An image of some of The Emperium's members at their Spawnbase, sometime in 2018.
A representation of of The Emperium's omega symbol in Minecraft.
Some members of The Emperium.