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Team Scrios emblem
Team Scrios, was formed on July 1st, 2021 by Netcn, and is a small group consisting of many newer players. The group is open to all sorts of people, and contains a lot of members from the now dead Visionary Organization which was a revival of the 2017 group, "Visionary" insided by The Emperium.


As a newer group with yet to have much history, this paragraph will for the most part, be empty. The first base that Team Scrios was planning on was an ally with another group known as, "Obscension," and it was to be a smaller spawn base. Quickly after releasing the coordinates to the members though, the base coords were leaked by member, "Higgy," who left The Scrios afterwards. The first successful Scrios

base which was made a couple weeks later and is a build in progress as of today, and remains standing.

Notable Members

Netcn (Leader)

Hampus_XD (Trusted)

Jelly (Trusted)

CraftGod69 (Advanced Member)

med_v3 (Advanced Member)

KillSteveKill (Midtier Member)

Pineappler (Midtier Member)

Hush Boi (Basic Member)

Yesn't (Basic Member)