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JoinedSeptember 2017 (seven years ago)
TypePvPer, Builder, Griefer, Leader
Infrared, maxtorcd55, Highland, IHackedWalmart, Jared2013, Lexaii, Metrez,


Retronautx, or simply Retronaut/Retro, is most notable on 2b2t for being the leader of Infrared, an infamous faction. He joined in early September 2017 with his friend Rustbound, who created the group Inferno. He is a good friend of notable players Maxtorcd55, IHackedWalmart, and Jared2013. He is a homosexual and is generally hated amongst the 2b2t community. He resisted against the sixth incursion because of his liking for newfags and hatred for many of the groups participating in the incursion.


Early Days (September 2017 - October 2017)

Retronaut joined the server sometime in early September 2017 during the ElrichMC incursion. He went unnoticed playing for around 1.5 months building a base at 1 million overworld. One day, Retronaut got bored of playing alone and decided to message some random people that had nice skins in the tab menu. Retronaut messaged Metrez and complimented on his skin, and the two became friends. Retro and Metrez planned to meet up at spawn together and Metrez was willing to give Retro some gear. After this, Retronaut met other players at spawn such as IHackedWalmart and Azurilex/Incorporations. Walmart helped out Retro by giving a small amount of gear and so did Azurilex. Azurilex then asked Retro if he wanted to join his base a few days later and he said yes. The base was going fine until one day Azurilex suddenly disappeared. After Retro assumed he was gone for good, Retronaut invited Metrez to help him steal much of the Killet gear that Azurilex had left. Retronaut asked Metrez if he wanted to make a base and he agreed. They made a base approximately 500k in the overworld, but the project was abandoned after a few weeks and later was found grifed.

Creation & Downfall of Inferno + Creation of Infrared (November 2017 - Present)

Retronaut’s long time friend Rustbound had re-joined 2b2t around late October 2017 and desired to create a team. Around October 20th, Team Inferno was born and founded by Rustbound with Retronaut second in command. Inferno was grown by recruiting newfags at spawn and also inviting Retronaut’s friends IHackedWalmart and Metrez. Team Inferno was weakened in the aftermath of the vo-perium war which resulted in the creation of Infrared by Retronaut. During early January Retronaut and Rustbound would fight a lot and it was not good to be running a team together. Retronaut would lead Infrared with the help of Maxtorcd55 and IHackedWalmart. Retronaut greatly resisted against the 6th incursion because of his hatred for emperium and their allies and also he generally likes newfags. Retronaut was once well known for spawnfagging while now he has become more of a builder and helper to new players. Infrared has become one of the most controversial 2b2t teams in recent times because of their feuds with numerous factions.