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Joined2012 (twelve years ago)

Pyro Byte worked on Asgard 2, a infamous build which he built with the 2b2t legend iTristan. He accidentally leaked the coordinates. As a compensation, he created an obsidian structure known as wrath outpost as a memory of Asgard 2. Wrath is now one of the most famous structures on 2B2T. He then erased all traces of himself on social media and quit the server forever. Maybe one day he will return again.

Pyrobyte made himself king, respected by the community. He named withers around 0,0 called pyrobyte is the king of 2B2T. Unlike Chrisleighton, he was not toxic, he did not swear in the chat. Chris spammed this in the chat: "Chrisleighton is king of 2B2t Umad n***! U f*****." I’m sure you can fill the blank. Pyrobyte also griefed. But Pyrobyte was an actual computer hacker, Pyrobyte created his own hack client. I call him king.


Pyrobyte is well-known as a creator of Superweapons along with iTristan, and is generally regarded as the second King of 2b2t. He joined the server in 2012 and has participated in a series of backdoors since. He was involved in the construction of Wrath Outpost during the Third Incursion and is partially responsible for the existence of illegal items on the server.


Pyrobyte, previously known as Cryobyte, was a player who joined in 2012. When he joined, he was initially regarded by many oldfags as an obnoxious player, but as he became more acquainted with the community, they became more accepting. PyroByte quit at the start of 2016 from leaking the coordinates of his base that led to it being griefed then he used his backdoor access to create a base for his followers and has vanished from the server deleting his GitHub and abandoning his reddit accounts.