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Joined2011 (thirteen years ago)
TypeGriefer, Programmer
iTristan, c1yd3i, fr1kin, taylo112, jared2013, omalymix, policemike55, CreamOFtheSlop, Branillon, IamTUNA, xxq


The player popbob is one of the, if not the, most famous griefers in 2b2t's history. He reigned between the years of 2011 and 2013, after which jared2013 became 2b2t's main antagonist. popbob is famous for a number of backdoors on the server, as well as his reclusivity during his time on the server. He was a part of The Tyranny.


It is unknown if popbob first played on his now infamous account or his alt acid1212, however, according to ancient Facepunchers, he joined with his popbob account in summer of 2011. It should be mentioned that it is unknown if acid1212 was popbob's alt or just friend. popbob often insided bases with his alt acid1212 out of sheer boredom, and it was during ~2013 when he was exposed for it. He constantly ridiculed people in chat, but strangely enough, in private chat with other Facepunchers, he was quite nice according to some. popbob was also a skilled programmer, he hacked in illegal items and made numerous backdoors to the server. With these backdoors he make Plugin Town, the city of gold and diamonds, and Ziggy Town, known for its Bedrock Comet. popbob also built many things at different bases, he frequently dug holes to bedrock and built his famous glass dome. He built only three domes, one at Ziggy, one at Passie, and one at Plugin Town. The dome at Plugin town was never finished. Contrary to popular belief, popbob didn't stop basing after the grief of Passie town, he still based with other Facepunchers, but was often found going around griefing peoples bases, like Old Town. popbob found people's bases with his infamous thunder hack, which let him know were lightning struck. And because of how lightning only strikes near players, popbob could track those players down and kill them and grief their bases. His griefing was most active during the "Valkyrian" era, going as far to grief Asgaard during its construction. During 2014 and 2015, popbob was getting affiliated with the Tyranny, a group made up of the largest faggots on the server. Popbob was never seen again with his main account again during this time due to being tracked down by the third incursion and logging out of the fight. popbob still played, but on alts like chris_leighton, RadicalHiccup and JIDF. The last thing popbob really did was fix the "bed road" to the Lands for Jared2013.