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JoinedDecember 2010
CurrentValinor Group

pYrO1v1aniac (pronounced pyromaniac), colloquially known as pyro, was an oldfag and 4channer who joined in December 2010.


pYrO1v1aniac joined 2b2t in December 2010 while browsing 4chan.[1]

Aquote1.png The map in the first couple of days—I'm pretty sure I joined almost right at the start because I was on the boards where it was being advertised, you know, when it was being put up and that was only within the first couple of days I think the server were doing that, Hausemaster and whoever else he was with.
- pYrO1v1aniac[2]

In his first few hours, pyro escaped 0,0 and gathered resources, partially from the ruins of bases within 1,000 blocks from Spawn. He settled at around 2,500 blocks from Spawn, building a fenced villa-like house of smoothstone and wood, along with a garden. He named this base Farpoint (purposely named ironically, as it was close to spawn), which partially served as a waypoint for the handful of new players who passed through. By the ninth day, somebody had emptied the chests but left the building intact, but after two weeks, the entire base was griefed with TNT.[3]

He later based with passie05 in a group he had. They excavated a base underneath an ocean, which included a mob grinder, around 1,000 blocks from Spawn. The entrance was a 1x1 hole on the ocean floor. The base lasted for two months until it was x-rayed and griefed. Several stacks of duped diamond blocks were lost, although pyro had three stacks with him, so he with those.[3]

He traveled into the +X, -Z quadrant, and settled at around 20,000 blocks from Spawn, building Farpoint Mk2. Fairpoint Mk2 was built as a castle, bigger and more elaborate than Fairpoint. He lived here for months before discovering a fairly elaborate settlement within 700 blocks from his base, which had three players working there. The three, initially alarmed due to pyro's gear, chased pyro despite his offering of peace, so he ran away and lost them. He ran towards a Nether portal within 1,000 blocks of Spawn rather than towards his base so that the three wouldn't know where his base was.[3]

pyro says that he never "got in as deep" as other players on the server, which is partially why he lasted so long on it.[4] He mostly based alone, but did base with others "now and then".[5] He fought alongside Team Veteran during the Rusher War in 2016. In 2017, he became involved with Sniper231996 and based at Valinor with Myne1001, Sage_Mathias, faildev, and several others.

pyro became inactive in October 2017 due to the impending removal of the pre-June Queue.[6]

Aquote1.png With the impending removal of the oldfag queue, I am quitting 2b2t. I have long thought that the queue and payment system represents a conflict of interest that cannot be reconciled. Now, with this final insult to the original playerbase, it's time to leave. We never should've stood for Rusher's "olive branch" of queue server and archon hosting to deal with the fucking kids he flooded the server with.
- pYrO1v1aniac[6]

He has played on the server since, however, appearing online at least once in 2020.


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