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Originally founded by both Lizzaroro and Rhopalus, the Mushroom Isles (Also known as the Mushroom Kingdom) were a series of man-made triangular-shaped Mycelium islands. Mushrooms were the prominent theme of this base from Mushroom shaped windows in each of the island's structures, to a massive red mushroom in the centre of one of the islands.


In early 2012, Lizzaroro and Rhopalus found a Mushroom island that they would call home. During the early days of the base it was nothing more than a Mushroom island with a few farms and various generators, both on the surface and underground. Very little was well thought out at the time. The two notable builds during the time were a Wooden Trojan of Lizzaroro and a two-story Cabin which served as the resting quarters for base members. Later on rooster548 was also invited to the base.

The Isles

Mushroom Island

Built on-top of the original Mushroom island, this part of the isles is the largest in width but shortest in height. This Island serves as the primary farm for the Kingdom and is also the main entrance to the isles. The most notable structure of this island is an enormous Red Mushroom that protrudes from the bedrock all the way up to the surface. The element of Earth is the theme for this island.

Factory Island

The second island serves as the Kingdom's storage, trading centre and smelting factory. This island contains a large symmetric structure containing numerous storage chests, furnaces and two Cobblestone generators. Mosaic Mushroom windows also fill the front of the factory. The Element of Fire is the theme for this island as this structure leaks with Lava and emits fire both inside and outside with large torches. Under the Island are the trading catacombs where the numerous Villagers are contained.

Museum Island

The third Island serves as the Kingdom's museum. The element of Water is this island's theme as the Museum structure has giant aqueducts that fill into both the centre and the three smaller pillars. The centre of the Museum is a large hall with a clay mosaic of the Mushroom from Super Mario Bros on the floor. On-top of that is a mosaic glass ceiling of the Mushroom from Super Mario World. Surrounding the centre are three hollow pillars, each one also serving as a gallery. A lot of the rooms have no ceilings simply to embrace the rain.