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A render of the Jesus Statue on 2b2t.
An overhead view of 2b2t's spawn
A 2012 image of 2b2t's spawn.
A Facepunch teaser image of 2b2t.
A render of 2b2t's 2012 spawn.
A heart pixel art at a base on 2b2t.
An overhead view of 2b2t's nether spawn.
An excerpt from the previous 2b2t wiki.
An image from the infamous Tyrone Is Popbob video of 2014.

NOTICE: This wiki may include vocabulary and images that are not suitable for all audiences! Discretion is advised!

Welcome to the 2builders2tools (2b2t) wiki!

The 2b2t wiki was created on July 25, 2018 after the old wiki, hosted on FANDOM, was shut down for a violation of FANDOM's Terms of Service. The new wiki will scrap pieces of articles from the old wiki, though purging any falsehoods that existed in the old wiki. Have a suggestion? Join the 2builders2tools wiki discord here

General Information

2b2t.org is a Minecraft anarchy server which has been running since December of 2010. Over the course of 2b2t's life, at least 200,000 players have come and gone, with less than 1% of that figure having progressed to become Oldfaggots. The current map has existed since December 20th, 2010, though the server has undergone periods during which a temporary map was hosted on 2b2t.org. The map has never been reset, and, as of July 2018, it is over 4,000 GB (4TB) in size.

For information on current events, visit either 2b2t's Reddit or the 8chan board. For an overview of 2b2t, see any of the following pages:

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A cover image made by THEJudgeHolden in 2011.

"2b2t is a hell of a place" - Pyrobyte
"And so as the sun rises on another day, may it forever bathe in light those deep in the ravines and those upon the shoulders of giants." - James_Rustles