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JoinedJune 16, 2016 (eight years ago)
TypeWriter, Community member
CurrentFriendly with various groups
PastSingularity, VoCo, 7th Incursion, friendly with various other groups

Dark_Annihilator is a well known player on 2b2t who joined during the early days of the Rusher War on June 16th, 2016. He is most known for his contributions to the 2b2t Wiki.

Early History

Dark_Annihilator first discovered 2b2t when he saw one of TheCampingRusher's videos about "THE OLDEST SERVER IN MINECRAFT!!!" as a recommended video on YouTube. Once he saw the video, he became interested in watching Rusher's series. Eventually, he joined the server on June 16th, 2016 on the temporary map, using an auto clicker to get past the first iteration of the queue system.

Wiki Involvement

After playing and watching Rusher's videos for a while, Dark became intrigued with the history of the server and thought of creating a wiki to store the server's written history and the idea where anyone could edit it. Dark initially searched for whether a wiki already existed and found one that was abandoned by the Rusher who originally founded it. The wiki was in a terrible state with shitposts, spam, and vandalized pages everywhere. Dark got to work on editing the wiki and continued on to be the owner for a little more than 3 years, eventually stepping down to a new administration.

Vortex Coalition Involvement

A few months after joining the server, Dark_Annihilator decided to join the Vortex Coalition. This membership would not be serious until the end of VoCo's Phase II. The Vortex Coalition had been going through a messy and controversial end to its second phase. However, the leadership had caused a very confusing situation with many of the members left in the dark. Many members believed the Vortex Coalition to be disbanded, which to a degree it was. This led to many members joining the VoCo Life Raft, which eventually transformed into the group Singularity. Dark_Annihilator would be a part of this group until the Vortex Coalition returned to the server and initially offered members of Singularity to rejoin the group. However, several members of Singularity wanted to remain independent, and the offers eventually turned into threats of destroying the group.

Dark_Annihilator had thought that this strive for independence went against what Singularity was initially intended to do, which was to succeed and continue what VoCo had started. Seeing as VoCo returned, Dark believed that Singularity was no longer necessary. Despite attempting to reason with the leader, HolyBruhBrine, the group continued to pursue being separated. Dark had then learned that Singularity was intending to inside VoCo along with Emperium, which Dark eventually reported to the VoCo leadership.

This caused VoCo to threaten to release HolyBruhBrine's dox if he did not disband Singularity and quit the server for 2 years. Unbeknownst to Holy, VoCo did not have his dox and was an empty threat. Holy conceded and disbanded the group, which lead to several members being transferred to Emperium. Dark_Annihilator was discovered to be the informant and had a permanent ban from joining Emperium, which would still be enforced until the end of Emperium. He would be granted VoCo VIP for the involvement but would quickly return to being a less serious member and focused more on the wiki.

7th Incursion

Dark_Annihilator would participate in the 7th Incursion. Despite the drama of the incursion, Dark would continue to be a part of jared2013's Incursion Reloaded. He even lost his VoCo membership and was kicked from the group, as the group had pulled support from the Incursion and did not condone its members to participate in it. He would be a part of the lava placing project at spawn and would aid in trench and spawn patrol, getting into various battles with Anti-Incursion members and other 7th Incursion opposition. Dark would make several friends during this time.

Later History

After the Incursion, Dark would go on to join various different discords and interacting with the community. He would eventually join a server created by Sato86 and become friends with him and several other members of the server. After a while, he would also receive an invite to return to VoCo and join its Constantium division, reaching back up to the Member+ rank. During his time on 2b2t, he would have several hiatuses. As of 2021, he has been mostly semi-active after being mostly distant in 2020.