Quarantine:BoeMeccan Witch Trials

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Image posted by Fit, revealing that he had distrusted the 2b2t Museum.
Taken from a post by YellowstoneJoe.
Excerpt from the Boedecken chat, in which Beardler was forced to admit his guilt.
Image of Beardler leaking jared2013's IP address.


After the Month of Destruction, and the subsequent destruction of Block Game Mecca on the two-year anniversary of June First, suspicions soared as players sought to identify the source of the coordinates given to jared2013 in the Month of Destruction. Whilst initially players blamed jared2013 for the destruction of Boedecken and Block Game Mecca, it later became evident that he was not to blame for these two griefs. Members of both bases, notably Joey_Coconut, _m_o_t_h_r_a, and YellowstoneJoe, investigated tirelessly until they found some tangible evidence that tied Beardler to both of the griefs.


Boedecken and Block Game Mecca, two of 2b2t's largest active bases at the time, were griefed within a week of each other. Boedecken was griefed during the Month of Destruction, whilst Block Game Mecca was griefed a day after jared2013's "finale," the destruction of Equilibrium. The grief of Boedecken was written-off as accidental, as it was less than 8,000 blocks from an axis. However, when Block Game Mecca was destroyed, on June 01, 2018, the members of these bases knew that something was suspicious. Most members of Block Game Mecca immediately suspected Beardler, as he was one of the most recent invitations to BGM, and one of the few players who was at both bases. In addition, the players found it suspicious that Beardler killed his account to Spawn before declaring that the base was griefed, something that he did at both Boedecken and Block Game Mecca. He was as well the first member of each base to identify the grief. But, as none of the evidence was solid, the members of both bases could not say definitively that Beardler was at fault.

Members of Block Game Mecca began to make posts on the Reddit, identifying Beardler as a potential leaker. Players Offtopia and jddinger, however, immediately jumped to Beardler's defense, as he had no history of griefing. Members of each base asked Beardler to provide chat logs from the time of the griefs, and he refused, further increasing suspicions. Despite this, the majority of 2b2t's community believed that Beardler was not at fault, as he was an otherwise trustworthy member of the 2b2t Museum and an active leader of Builder's Haven.

Several days later, Beardler was forced into admitting that he had shared his login across several platforms, and that his account was compromised when he let a friend borrow his account. AutismBot posted a public apology on the Reddit, apologising for suspecting Beardler of malicious activity, and declaring that the destruction of Block Game Mecca was an accident. Beardler responded with a promise to be more careful and return stolen items from the museum of BGM.

Roughly a week after the apology, and after the dust of conspiracy had settled, AutismBot and AlphaComputer obtained OP on the 2b2t Museum through experimentation with NBT data on signs. They invited _m_o_t_h_r_a_ as well. Whilst opening chests at Block Game Mecca, _m_o_t_h_r_a_ stumbled upon a book of coordinates created by Beardler, a book that he had brought to BGM when he arrived. The contents of the book were posted on the Reddit, leading to the destruction of several of Beardler's stashes, and Krobar01's MOAK. Whilst looking through the other books left behind by Beardler, AutismBot noticed a book entitled, "I'm Gay," written by AlphaComputer. He thought this was amusing and so sent an image to AlphaComputer. Upon informing AlphaComputer that it was found in a chest at BGM, he notified AutismBot that the book "I'm Gay" was in fact written and stored at Boedecken. This realisation would later serve as definitive proof in linking Beardler to both the destruction of Boedecken and Block Game Mecca. Later that evening, Beardler was forced into admitting that he had destroyed Boedecken and Block Game Mecca to acquire their collections of rare items, and that he had lied about his innocence.

Later that day, Beardler posted jared2013's IP, which he had extracted from the 2b2t Museum, to the Reddit as revenge. This action solidified the now-unanimous dislike of Beardler, and lead directly to the collapse of the 2b2t Museum.

You can read the Reddit posts here: