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Joined2017 (six years ago)
Builders Haven

A player with few enemies and many friends, Bloctagon is currently an overseer of Builder's Haven and a member of The Freelancers. He joined in 2017 under the name hias97, remaining generally antisocial. In 2018 he began to build with others, and eventually joined many discords, leading him to the Builder's haven project. Bloctagon contributed to Beardler's demise in the BoeMeccan Witch Trials by initiating the communication between YellowstoneJoe and Beardler (who was a basemate of Bloctagon's during the drama). He then, after leaking his discord messages with Beardler to the 2b2t subreddit, was invited to 2 bases, joining the Freelancers and befriending Emperium soon after. Bloctagon has never leaked a base nor a stash to anyone.