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Armorsmith's Followers


Armorsmith is a player on 2b2t that some consider to be one of the most significant players to join in 2017. He is a known for building his signature "Carolina" lag machines, some of the most potent lag machines on the server in their prime, for creating "Armorsmith's Followers," as well as being one of the first players to reach the world border in the End. In addition, Armorsmith is popularly known to be one of the most disliked players within the community, as he uses bots to fill chat with Armorsmith-themed rhapsody.


Armorsmith joined 2b2t in June of 2016. He was inactive for the better part of a year due to the long queue. After re-entering 2b2t in mid-2017 with the goal of creating lag machines, he became well known as "The Lag Machine Guy," a title which few players have had the honour - or dishonour - to hold. His initial design for the "Carolina" lag machines was based on an earlier design made by 2F4U.

Armorsmith proceeded to create a second "Carolina," which, at this point, had already become a brand-name associated with Armorsmith. He tried to evade Hausemaster's oversight by using the machine during periods of time which he assumed Hause to be asleep, but, Hause quickly found out and deleted his lag machines. Future Armorsmith-themed lag machines would be built by DaPorkchop_, OfficialSpeed, househousehouse1, P529, and others.

Armorsmith was one of the first players to reach the world border in the End, at which he built his infamous "Armorland," a base which he still holds as one of the best bases on 2b2t.

Armorsmith would later work on other lag machines and bases, collecting rare items such as the signs left by ElRichMC and griefing public infrastructure such as highways and outposts.

Armorsmith would proceed declare himself as a god and would accordingly create "Armorsmith's Followers," a group dedicated to the worshipping of Armorsmith.

As of July 2018, Armorsmith is still an active player on 2b2t.