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-X World Border Christmas Tree at 24th of December 2017
File:-X 3.76mill portal wait.png
Most of the -X Digger Team waiting to go through the Nether Portal to arrive at the World Border
-850k Checkpoint


-X Diggers is a group founded by Metrez and Bramblery back in November of 2017. Their goal was to gather players who were willing to help dig the -X Nether Highway all the way to the overworld worldborder.


After hearing that no one has dug the -X highway in a while, Metrez decided to make a reddit post about his project on the 6th of November 2017. A public discord was set up, which proved to be a mess. After offering assistance, Bramblery joined Metrez as leader and created a private discord for people who traveled out to -850k checkpoint, the initial dig site. People who traveled out to the checkpoint were invited to the discord and became apart of the -X Diggers. The dig officially began on November 13th, despite being slated to start a day later. Some players who had arrived at the checkpoint days before the official start of the dig became tired of waiting and started digging, forcing the dig to begin early. Monuments were meant to be built every 100k nether, and every 1 million overworld, and this rule was followed for the vast majority of checkpoints. By November 15th, the highway had reached 10 million overworld, and by the 25th of the same month, it had hit the halfway point. While much of the building was being left to just a few players, things were going very well.


Shortly before 20 million blocks overworld, a -X Digger known by tr3b0r85 got killed while AFK. Now while this may seem insignificant, it finally solved a mystery that had been plaguing the team the whole dig. Someone had been stealing supplies, and trolling various spots with pig death traps. tr3b0r85 baited this troll into killing him, leaving himself a prime target. While the perpetrator, Leolight, had been smart about it, tr3b0r85 was one step ahead. He had set up a recording as he left for the night, and had the footage we needed. Various members of -X Diggers including IHackedWalmart, DeadlyDarkDragon, BLOCK567, and others jumped Leolight and forced him into a crystal trap at the 20 million monument. Eventually due to lack of ability to keep an eye on it 24/7, Leolight escaped. He attempted to blackmail his way back in, and when that failed, went and griefed everything on the highway from 20 million to spawn, as discovered by MikeXXIV as he was heading out, hoping to join the dig. His threat to grief all future builds along the highway as it progressed hung over the dig team and left a sour mood. It was time to get creative...

Final Stretch

The -X Team then decided to have a small pause at 20 million to fix all the monuments. After succesfully doing so, the digging continued. After digging for a few more weeks the diggers arrived at -3,74 million in Nether. Metrez decided that all the diggers had to stop at -3.740 million and do the final 10,000 blocks as a team. Because obviously not everyone could be online at the same time due to timezones, Metrez made a strawpoll and the final dig was decided to be held at December 22nd, 2017. The -X Digger Team arrived at the -X world border 22nd of November 2017 and managed to dig from -850k all the way to -3,75 million nether in under two months. When the team arrived they decided that they were going to make a Christmas themed world border checkpoint since they arrived two days before Christmas Eve. Metrez built a huge Christmas Tree with lots of decorations and presents for each one of the diggers.

Metrez posted a post on r/2b2t with a lot of pictures taken during the dig.

A video made by Nekramite can be seen here, and a video made by Bramblery can be seen here