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The Pyylaandia
BasesA gunpowder grinder, others unknown
Battle at NFE

The Pyylaandia, or simply Pyyland, were a Finnish raiding group on 2b2t, existing during the Facepunch times. The group was notorious for its constant raids of the NFE.


Not much is known about this group due to time, however, what is known is that this group was a powerhouse as they had access to inventories of TNT. This made the group a formidable force to reckon with during those times. At one point, their allied group the Vikings lost two Pyyland members in an encounter with the NFE and Brotherhood of the Diamond in late 2011 and sought revenge for their fallen. Pyyland dropped their griefs over a span of months in 2012, and in early 2013. After several attacks on the NFE, xcc2 and Policemike55 decided to investigate how they were getting this much TNT. In the spring of 2013, xcc2 and policemike55 eventually found out how they were creating the TNT, which turned out to be a gunpowder grinder in which the group would constantly be AFK at. The two eventually killed all the AFK members and blew up their grinder. Nothing is known about the Pyylaandia following this encounter.


Notable Members

  • Arthur_McGuire (Leader)
  • Fenster
  • Poersijn
  • Vaquera

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