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Alternative AccountsCryobyte
PastValkyria, Backdoor Crew

Pyrobyte is an infamous oldfag, widely regarded as the Second King of 2b2t. He, along with iTristan, are responsible for the existence of many illegal items that are presently in and out of circulation.


Early History

Pyrobyte joined the server in late 2012, and for his first few months, was regarded as just a shitposter. He created a few bases, but nothing of note, until he befriended Sato86 and drewbookman. With Sato and drew, he lived at Anatolia, and eventually joined them in the construction of Valkyria. Prior to Valkyria, he accompanied Sato and drew to the griefing of Boatmurdered, as well as the restoration of Rhadamantis.

With Valkyria

Whilst living at Valkyria, Pyrobyte met and befriended iTristan, with whom he would spend the remainder of his time on the server in a close friendship. After the Minecart Dupe was discovered by kinorana, Pyrobyte was key in producing items necessary to keep Valkyria supplied for the remainder of its existence. Pyrobyte participated in The First Incursion as well as The Second Incursion, during which he and iTristan achieved their first backdoor on the server. Soon after his backdoor was installed, he and iTristan teleported themselves to the +X world border, becoming the first players in the history of the server to visit, and exceed, the world border. It was around this time that Pyrobyte began spawning his infamous "PYROBYTE IS KING OF 2B2T, VIVAT REX!" named Withers around Spawn, as well as creating a large sign above Spawn that was readable from the ground, "PYROBYTE IS KING," a message which would soon become fact when chrisleighton, the First King of 2b2t came online after a long period of inactivity to validate Pyrobyte's claim to the throne. From that point, Pyro was considered a highly respected member of 2b2t's community.

Later History

After Valkyria was griefed, Pyrobyte maintained his friendship with Sato and iTristan, and befriended many other members of the community, such as popbob, Jacktherippa, jared2013, and more. Pyrobyte did not play consistently after Valkyria was griefed, but returned to participate in The Third Incursion, as well as install his second backdoor on the server with iTristan. Using this second backdoor, he created infs of blocks necessary to pursue the goals of the Incursion. He constructed a redstone clock with a dropper, and put an inf obsidian inside to run constantly to produce enough obsidian to complete Wrath Outpost. He notably used his backdoor access to stifle the efforts of those who sought to halt the efforts of the Incursion, going to jared2013's triple spawner and replacing the spawners with ghast spawners, as well as 'finding' a gold farm constructed by taylo112 and deactivating it. During this time, he wielded his infamous swords, 666 and The Valkyr, both of which had sharpness values high enough to instantly kill any player. He was instrumental in guarding Wrath Outpost from attackers.

Final Days

After The Third Incursion, Pyrobyte played even less frequently, logging in one final time in early 2016, to rebuild the nether and overworld Spawn hubs out of obsidian using his 32k pickaxe, and then logging off, never to be seen or heard from again.