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Approx. join date2012-2013

Known AltsCryobyte
Reddit Username(s)Pyrobyte

PastValkyria, Backdoor Crew

Pyrobyte was a player who joined sometime around the end of 2012. He based with Sato86 and Drewbookman at Anatolia before merging with Hitlerwood in order to create the group Valkyria. He was a participant of the first few Spawn Incursions and also caused the 2nd backdoor.



Pyrobyte befriended Sato and Drewbookman, later forming the Black Flag Group with them. Later, the Black Flag Group would merge with Hitlerwood in order to create Valkyria. The group came to be known by the name of the base they inhabited. Pyrobyte would participate in the 3 incursions before Valkyria disbanded.


Pyrobyte is infamous for helping to create the Second Backdoor, in which he and iTristan made a Bukkit plugin to spawn in illegal items, such as the infamous 32K Weapons. Another by-product of the second backdoor was his and iTristan's teleportation to The World Border. His backdoor access lasted until early 2016. Pyrobyte is currently inactive.