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Approx. join date 2012-2013
Reddit Username(s) Pyrobyte
Past Valkyria, Backdoor Crew

Pyrobyte is a player who joined sometime in early 2013 or late 2012. Pyrobyte would quickly team up with Sato and Drewbookman to form the Black Flag Group. The Black Flag Group would later fuse with Hitlerwood and create Valkyria, a project that became the name of the people building it. Pyrobyte would participate in the 3 incursions before Valkyria disbanded. Pyrobyte is pretty infamous for the second backdoor where he and iTristan made a Bukkit plugin to spawn in hacked items like the infamous 32K weapons, as well as being the first along with iTristan to make it to the world border (via teleportation). His reign of backdoor access lasted until early 2016.