Purgatory IV

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Purgatory IV
GriefedJune 23, 2018 (six years ago)
Bloctagon, 1Charlie3, OldFreeWilly, Hawkedonfonix, Cloverfrost_,, Tesco3PMealDeal, xX_Regicide_Xx, BigBatYT, G_Manitie

Also known as Mesa Purgatory, Purgatory IV was a tempbase built by Builder's Haven. It was founded after Keir/Skerge (known leaker, later kicked) and Bloctagon wanted to find a new spot for a temp base. It was a few thousand blocks away from the ruins of Purgatory II, so it wasn't a terrible distance to travel. The notable builds there were the quarry, Bloctagon's futuristic tower, HawkedOnFonix's house, and 1Charlie3 and BigBat's desert casino (unfinished). Many builds used a quartz, blue and green stained glass colour palette due to the abundance of those blocks in the dupe stashes.

Keir/Skerge leaked the coordinates to Xdolf, who came on an alt (TheBronyOf2b2t), and griefed the base. There was also a battle between Xdolf and members of the base.

After the grief, the members of Builder's Haven moved on to build Exposition.

List of Builds

  • Underground city excavation (unfinished)
  • Dupe stashes
  • Bloctagon's futuristic 'Purg' tower
  • HawkedOnFonix's house
  • OldFreeWilly's house
  • Tesco3PMealDeal's house (unfinished)
  • OldFreeWilly's Hall of Faces (unfinished)
  • Cloverfrost_'s Temporary Haven Parliament (unfinished)
  • Charlie and Bat's desert casino (unfinished)