Purgatory 4

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Purgatory 4
InhabitantsBloctagon, HawkedOnFonix, OldFreeWilly, Tesco3PMealDeal, Cloverfrost_, BigBat, 1Charlie3
StartedEarly 2018
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Also known as Mesa Purgatory, Purgatory 4 was a tempbase built by Builder's Haven. It was founded after Keir (also known as Skerge) and Bloctagon wanted to find a new spot for a temp base. It was a few thousand blocks away from the ruins of Purgatory II, so it wasn't a terrible distance to travel. The notable builds there were the quarry, Bloctagon's futuristic tower, HawkedOnFonix's house, and 1Charlie3 and BigBat's desert casino (unfinished). Many builds used a quartz, blue and green stained glass colour palette due to the abundance of those blocks in the dupe stashes.

Keir leaked the coordinates to JumpyBlaze (also known as Xdolf), who came on an alt (TheBronyOf2b2t), and griefed the base. There was also a battle between Xdolf and members of the base.

After the grief, the members of Builder's Haven moved on to build Exposition.

Screenshot of Keir leaking the coords to Purgatory 4, later posted on r/2b2t

List of Builds

  • Underground city excavation (unfinished)
  • Dupe stashes
  • Bloctagon's futuristic 'Purg' tower
  • HawkedOnFonix's house
  • OldFreeWilly's house
  • Tesco3PMealDeal's house (unfinished)
  • OldFreeWilly's Hall of Faces (unfinished)
  • Cloverfrost_'s Temporary Haven Parliament (unfinished)
  • Charlie and Bat's desert casino (unfinished)