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Purgatory was a base founded on May 28th, 2018, and griefed by Lifeisgood72 on 6/1/2018.


During the planning of the upcoming base, Builders Haven, one of the base members, 1Charlie3, (now a Base Overseer) suggested to Beardler and Jonathan222 to create a base near the planned coords. 1Charlie3 set up the temp base 50k blocks away from the coords. Purgatory slowly grew into a partial underground base. Purgatory had underground roads to connect other parts of the base, such as a villager farm and a dupe stash (credit to GlowskiBroski).


During the short lifespan of the base, Beardler invited Lifeisgood72 without discussing the invitation with Jonathan222. Beardler also gave account information to Lifeisgood72, which allowed him to get coords to builders haven (note: builders haven would bw ruined by loading up the planned chunks, as builders haven is a planned 1.13 base). Lifeisgood72 griefed Purgatory on June 1st, 2018.