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Player punishments are rare considering the nature of 2b2t. In extreme cases such as game-breaking lag exploits or crash exploits, the admins of 2b2t have been known to take action on players by removing their priority queue, kicking them, reverting their illegals, reverting their bases, and in rare cases fully banning their accounts (unconfirmed). A punishment in this article refers to banning, removing of priority queue, muting, and reverting bases. Reverting illegal items will only be counted for those which haven't been done by an Anti Cheat. Kickings won't be counted either, as we don't want this list to be filled by bots kicked for spamming.


Hausemaster removed end portals created via a backdoor, and eventually reset the entire End dimension. He also removed duped Dragon Eggs and Endstone in the overworld.


Victor96 is muted for arguing with Hausemaster about the functionality of a chat filter.


Hausemaster muted some people, like James_Rustles, as a joke, and called them "Chinese Bots". These mutes went on for a few hours, and were simply a joke.


In late 2016, torogadude's oldfag queue status was manually removed by TheCampingRusher and Curtis because torogadude had hacked a friend of Rusher and posted a video of logging into their account and bedtrapping them. This caused extreme outrage throughout the community, starting the #freetoro movement. Following the backlash, torogadude's oldfag queue access was given back and Rusher explained what had happened in a video.


Throughout early 2017 powerful lag machines were used frequently to drop TPS. At the time Hausemaster was relatively inactive so no action was taken and the machine were used for months without being removed. In July Hausemaster started to take action by deleting the lag machines used by Armorsmith and househousehouse1. Later in 2017, Gr1f's (another powerful lagger) oldfag queue access was removed, but unlike the torogadude incident, this didn't cause as much community outrage because players were annoyed by the lag and thought it was justified.


As of 2019 the admins of 2b2t punish players who intentionally lag or crash the server by removing their priority queue and banning them from the donate.2b2t.org priority queue store. Many accounts have been banned then unbanned in the past, such as those involved in the mass-ban on Halloween 2019 caused by The Book Club.

On November 26th 2019 every player on the ban list was cleared except 0x22, Paralusion2 and DqwnSyndrome.

On December 6th 2019 a device was made near spawn by the Brownmen that automatically priority-banned anyone who went near it. the_wise_walrus was the first player to get banned using this tactic but has since been unbanned.


Hausemaster begins temporarily muting spammers in chat who promote or advertise discord server or just spam.

Hausemaster has been banning people from donate.2b2t.org. Hausemaster has banned many people who were making lag machines. Many of these people were members of the NSN (No Server November) group.

List of accounts currently banned from donate.2b2t.org (9)

  • Crunchy
  • epik666
  • minecart11
  • brownman_256
  • 0x22
  • cerealwithnomilk
  • Soiled
  • AnzeBlaBla
  • Paralusion2

Anyone can verify that the accounts on this list are banned by going on donate.2b2t.org and entering the usernames to purchase priority. The message "You're not allowed to purchase this item." or "(username) has been banned from this webstore." will appear.

On Novermber 25th 2020, Hausemaster unbanned 41 accounts. Hausemaster has not priority banned anyone else since and has only priority stripped & kicked lag machine users.

Unbanned / Priority Stripped (Removed from priority queue, but can buy again)

  • Bacardi
  • Frosty003
  • Forceken
  • Komila
  • IGottaLogGuys
  • pogboy73
  • Sparkzzy
  • BGP1
  • TheBabyBubby
  • s7o
  • PuussyLicker420
  • rockeZZergon
  • FoockYou
  • Stav2b2t
  • StavsAlt2b2t
  • Hausematter
  • FishkaPlay
  • Sofie_Dossi
  • Aurylite
  • mrninjalex
  • zoli7613
  • kosty987
  • tweechas
  • redstoner___
  • RubyThaCherry
  • STRAW3R_0
  • Merafy
  • Huddy987
  • ForceRiza
  • 2builders2tools_
  • AlphaRadio
  • ElectroYModz
  • c0mmie_
  • 2builders_2tools
  • Ghost_Mafia
  • k3ys3r_s0z3
  • Y65
  • Terpila
  • Prio_Banned
  • _Windows_XP_
  • Coke_Sniffer
  • Armorsmith
  • househousehouse1
  • paralusion

How to verify banned users

The script below can be used in Chrome or Firefox to easily verify whether or not a user is banned. Write await checkBanned("username") to check if a player is banned.

async function checkBanned(name) { await fetch("https://donate.2b2t.org/category/738999", { method: "POST", headers: { "Content-Type": "application/x-www-form-urlencoded" }, body: "ign=" + encodeURIComponent(name) }) const response = await fetch("https://donate.2b2t.org/package/1994771") return /disabled/.test(await response.text()) }