Project Obsidian Sky (2017)

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Project Obsidian Sky was a Spawn project spearheaded by Dielo_Tai. It was the first in a series of projects aimed at covering Spawn with an obsidian plateau.


On August 17th 2017 the player Dielo_Tai spearheaded Project Obsidian Sky, an attempt to cover Spawn with a plateau of obsidian. With the help of players including nohax, jared2013, Nekramite and Courier a large portion was covered while the group faced attacks from the Peacekeepers among others. Dielo_Tai livestreamed the project on YouTube.[1]

The project was halted in late September when the admin disabled elytra. The project was partly expanded in 2019 around the time of the construction of the first SpawnMasons sky logo. The project lay the foundation for later obsidian plateaus over Spawn, such as the Infinity’s Incursion Project Obsidian Sky (2020) - which had the same name as this project -, Linked Horizon Sky (2021) and Project Dead (2022).[2].