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PriorityQueue is a bot on 2b2t. It gives statistics on the 2b2t queue such as its current length and entry rate into the server, as well as the hourly average. It posses the following commands players can use:

!queue - Gives the current length of the 2b2t queue and the entry rate from the queue into the main server, as well as the hourly average for both.

!priority <playername> - Lists whether the player given has queue priority. The list of players it can do this for is far from complete and can only give statistics for players who have recently logged in.

!pos - Gives you PriorityQueue's coordinates. Note that this command is shared with BibleBot so you will also recieve BibleBot's coordinates.

Alleged Creative Mode

On March of 2017, a rumor spread around that PriorityQueue had creative mode. Torogadude went to Nether 0,0 and the rumors were real, and PriorityQueue was flying and not being able to be hit by anything. This is caused by a glitch in which PriorityQueue would be sent to the Nether by someone else and he would be invincible until a server reset occurs. However, he does not actually have Creative Mode.