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PopularMMOS Profile Picture

FuriousDestroyer, also known as PopularMMOS, is a famous Minecraft YouTuber that has over 16 million subscribers. His videos nowadays mostly consist of modded challenges (like mob battles). He started making videos back in May 2012, although these videos were on Runescape (hence his YouTube name). His first Minecraft related content was posted on June 2012, in the form of a let's play. 

Relationship with 2b2t

In early April 2018, PopularMMOS joined 2b2t a couple of times. He was quickly spotted, and many believed that he was going to make a video about 2b2t. This would have been catastrophic, as a channel with over 16 million subscribers would bring a lot more attention to the server than anyone has ever done before. On April 12th, 2018, PopularMMOS was seen with god apples, weaponry and armor, and it is still unknown how he was geared up. In a Reddit post showing concerns of PopularMMOS making a video about the server, AntVenom responded with: "He told me personally he's probably not making content here". As of December 2021, PopularMMOS has not released any 2b2t-related content.